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About Our Payment Service Provider Solutions

Shark Payment Solutions LTD was launched to provide merchants with solid solutions to their processing problems. We understand the frustration and issues encountered when having a solid company with no processing. Our company provides payment solutions to low and high-risk industries. We currently work with 8 acquiring banks sprinkled across the globe. All of our banks and solutions have been battle-tested. We offer easy integration with popular shopping carts, a virtual terminal and a hosted checkout solution. With a dedicated 24/7 fraud department, we can help reduce chargebacks and fraud to both our merchants and merchants’ customers. In fact, fraud management is a pinnacle of this company and we invest a lot of time and money into it.

Shark Payment Solutions LTD is a Payment Service Provider (PSP) in high-risk credit card processing solutions. We are not a middleman and can offer better and lower rates due to our direct connections with medium and large banks accepting high-risk transactions. Our biggest goal is to get our merchants paid on time and to protect our merchants with advanced fraud detection measures and MID management.

Our Goals

Shark Payment Solutions LTD was founded to offer merchants better, safer, tested solutions while also offering warnings about which merchants and gateways to stay away from. Our dedicated team has provided free information about scammers and fraudulent PSP’s still operating and currently running open scams to prey on small and medium sized business owners. If looking to get your high-risk business approved, please apply with us now.

SHARK payment service provider

We offer plenty of reviews on our blog offering advice about bad resellers, PSP’s and acquiring banks. This serves the dual purpose of warning potential high-risk merchants of fraudulent PSP’s and resellers while also offering a solution to replace (or prevent) that bad solution. By doing this, we may have saved that merchant from fraud and hope that this shows our experience and knowledge in this industry.

Our Beliefs

After being scammed for a lot of money multiple times in their own businesses, the two major shareholders of Shark Payment Solutions LTD decided to come together and build a company offering good accounts and reviews of all the popular high-risk solutions available.

Our company goal is to provide the best services and place merchants in tried and tested solutions with various PSP’s. Our main goal is to get our merchants the best rates, safest solutions that have been tried and tested. We work with some of the best PSP’s in the industry that have longstanding trust. Unfortunately, there are a lot of shady merchant service providers that work with unreliable banks and often the PSP’s themselves scam and make an excuse to run off with the money (ex. bank is holding the money when it sometimes a lie).

The agents, resellers and PSP’s we work with all have a minimum of 15 years’ experience in the high-risk industry and each have been tried and tested. Why risk going with a company who you have not researched when you can just sign-up through us and get all the valuable solutions we have tested. We are trustworthy and only want the best for good merchants. As for the bad merchants, we have no time for them and may screen them out of the application process or offer them a solution that will not put our good merchants at risk.

We Work for You

Our goal is to work hard for our merchants. We understand that just like in the merchant services industry, there are a lot of bad merchants themselves. We don’t work with certain industries and if we do, they are placed on separate aggregates. In essence, we separate the good from the bad. For instance, we wont place a low chargeback nutraceutical or porn merchant on the same aggregate as a tech support company. We separate the truly high-risk businesses from the bad. We always try for a direct MID but often when that is not possible, we work to separate the good from the bad and put low chargeback merchants on solid aggregate solutions that will not be mixed with the high chargeback businesses. This offers a layer of protection to protect our good merchants.

For us, its not about a quick placement but rather a safer placement for our valued good high-risk business types. Other resellers and PSP’s do not care about you and its all about placing you as quickly as possible. This allows them to collect their set-up fees and cash in if the aggregate crashes and burns. We instead value the long-term relationship and would rather take more time and resources to place good merchants on better solutions that won’t be at the same level of risk as other bad merchants.

We Hope You Want to Work with Us

We value good merchants who have been unfairly placed in a high-risk space due to the nature of their business. We do an evaluation of the risk level for each business type based on chargeback history and other fraud evaluation methods to determine where we want to place the merchant. Good merchants are valued and we want to work with these types of businesses and place them in the safest solutions.

Other resellers and PSP’s don’t care about this and prefer a quicker turn around time by placing the merchant on the easiest to acquire aggregate account while not caring about what other business are on that aggregate MID. Some resellers will also lie and make false claims to make them trust the solution they are putting you on. These resellers, like the PSP’s, often get a set-up fee and prefer that quick cash so they often make false claims about the details of the merchant account in order to get you to sign-up. We do not operate this way and our strategy is long-term businesses relationships with good merchants


Our Goals

We offer superior services with excelling support. Our goal is to give you and your business the most seamless experience and to increase your sales. Offering 24/7 support and fraud protection makes us one of the best in the industry. Our sales, support & tech divisions will work around the clock to ensure your processing is running smoothly at all times.


We Work For You

Some resellers and PSP’s don’t care about their merchants and prefer quick profits. We work for you by offering excellent tech and merchant support while also properly managing our MID's. Our goal is to keep you processing at all times while also keeping your fraud and chargebacks down. If your businesses is processing and profiting you can know we our fulfilling our goals for your business.


We Value Our Merchants

We value good merchants who have been unfairly placed in high-risk due to the nature of their business. For us, its not about a quick placement but rather a safer placement for our valued merchants. We promise to offer the best and safest services to our all clients. You will be treated well by all of our departments and treated the way you should be.

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