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If you have a website with adult content or need an adult merchant account you have come to the right place. We work with various domestic and offshore banks across the world and can offer some of the best rates in the industry. We offer unlimited volume cap, 24/7 merchant fraud protection and superb approval rates (80-99%)

It is unfair that most low-risk processors don’t want to worth with a company just because they serve adult content to their hungry users. Unfortunately, this is the modern banking system and the whole adult industry has a stigma behind it. Also, Visa, MasterCard and some other credit card providers have an agenda against adult content and do not like these kind of transactions. So in short, you likely won’t find any low risk solutions for adult, fetish or porn websites an if you do, there is a good chance you will be shut down sooner than later

The good news is the adult industry is generally a low chargeback business space. And since the adult industry is generally low chargeback, more high-risk banks will take them with open arms. There are plenty of domestic and offshore adult merchant account solutions and we can provide them for you on our PSP.
So if you want to get your adult website a reliable merchant solution, we have plenty of options for you. Rates will depend on volume, chargeback ratios, processing history and credit rating. We can even get you a merchant account if you have been put of the TMF of Match file.

Dating & Hook-up Merchants

Banks and processers also frown upon dating websites. Depending on the nature of your content, an underwriter may likely determine your business and website as high risk. Don’t worry, we have plenty of banks that will take dating and hook up sites or apps. We can even accept escort services providing you are a licensed and legal business in your country. Please call our 1-800 number, email us or submit an application to get started immediately.

Fetish Website Merchants

Fetish websites can be tricky. Some can be borderline adult and others may be less non-sexual in nature. Regardless, if fetish even echoes in the slightest way (adult or not), most processors will deny you. We can offer great rates for fetish websites and get you running quickly. We also will take subscription based fetish websites.

Escort Services Merchants

As long as you are registered and licensed in your country we can also offer credit card processing in this space. We will require a credit and criminal record check before approving your application. All of our offshore banks are ok with enabling escort service MID’s

Adult Streaming and Tube Merchants

If you have a website selling credits or subscriptions for premium adult content, we have many solutions for you. We have high approval ratios and our platforms and highly Integra table with many popular CMS and shopping cart platforms.

Adult Chat & Webcam Merchants

If you need an adult chat or webcam merchant account, we have many solutions for you with great rates. Please sign up now and we can get your new merchant account live and processing in as little as 24 hours. We are confident it will increase your earnings and offer your loyal customers more ways to pay. Your cam site will need reliable cash flow to pay your adult subcontractors. So what are you waiting for? Apply now.

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