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General Information

AsiaPay is a Hong Kong based company which is the company that owned, and they were incorporated in 2000. From its inception, the company has progressed to become the most known and best provider of Mobile and Internet payment services in Asia. The company claims to offer the newest technology related to electronic payment, which in turn make everything easier for clients. This technology also increases productivity and efficiency, with the added benefit of increasing the number of business opportunities. The company has set themselves a goal of being the best provider of these services on the market in Asia. They want to achieve this through extraordinary customer service, being accessible to many merchants and clients, using the latest technology, fighting fraud the best way they can, and many other things. They offer secure credit card processing for merchants of various sizes and business of any risk (though high-risk businesses tend to be harder to work with), as well as transactions for debit cards. They are available 24 hours a day. The company has many different technologies that they work with, mainly payment gateways and payment solutions.

Services accept a variety of credit cards like Visa, MasterCard and other big names, and also offer services for non-credit card variations of payment (China’s UnionPay, PPS, Paypal..).

Review and customer experience

There have been a few reviews regarding this company and one specific one caught our eye. The review (complaint) started with the person (client) stating how the company stole money from him and he had to pay insane amounts of cash upfront to start up his business and complete transactions. He wrote a lot of interesting details in his complaint. However, other users of the forum quickly jumped in. They didn’t quite understand why he thought that was a problem because there is a specific way of dealing with very high-risk businesses and this client had one of those. won’t do something illegal, and if they want to help clients with this sort of businesses, they need to go through a specific process that doesn’t put neither the company nor the client at harm. This user probably didn’t understand how things work and made a few mistakes which led to this. The complaint has been resolved with the man being furious, stating that he doesn’t want to do business with them anymore.


Operating for over fifteen years, has a lot of experience in their field of work. The lack of serious complaints is a great sign of their legitimacy and reliability, and we are sure that they are trustworthy. The one review mentioned is probably a misunderstanding between the client and the company and usually people refuse to accept their mistakes. However, this probably wouldn’t have happened if customer support responded fast enough (we’re not saying they didn’t, all we’re saying is that it might have been resolved better). We really can’t tell what and how this happened, but we are relatively sure that they aren’t troublemakers. As always, be careful with companies like these!

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