AVP Solutions Overview

American Verification Processing Solutions provides best-in-class payment processing solutions for retail and online businesses of all risk levels. Launched in 2000, the company is backed by decades of experience and global customers. It offers various payment processing services via virtual gateways and POS terminals.

For high-risk merchants, it offers more customized services, including chargeback protection, cash advance, and consultation programs. Overall, the company aims to provide a seamless payment experience and growth opportunities for merchants.
Below is an overview of merchant services offered by AVP Solutions:

  • High-risk merchant accounts
  • Payment gateways for e-commerce businesses
  • POS terminals for retail businesses
  • Chargeback protection

AVP Solutions Merchant Services

High-Risk Merchant Accounts – AVP Solutions has vast experience in working with businesses categorized as high-risk by banks and credit card processors. It provides its high-risk merchants with high-risk merchant accounts and premium services to help them manage transactions and protect payments.
Moreover, the company does not believe that high-risk companies should incur high costs to operate. It offers competitive rates and fees to allow high-risk merchants to grow further.

Payment Gateway – For online and virtual merchants, AVP Solutions provides a secure payment gateway. Options include USAePay, NMI, and Once set up, merchants can start processing credit cards, debit cards, and ACH check payments. The payment gateway includes a dedicated merchant account with fast funding and the lowest possible rates. 

The system integrates into various e-commerce platforms and shopping carts already used by merchants. It comes with a user-friendly virtual terminal that is easy to operate from the backend. Features include:

  • Bulk uploading and processing of transactions
  • Recurring billing for fixed and automated payment collection
  • Customer database
  • Comprehensive reporting

Chargeback Protection – AVP Solutions’ chargeback protection program is an initiative of the company to reduce a merchant’s chargeback ratio. An alert system will notify merchants of transaction disputes in real-time. It also provides analytical reports to help merchants analyze cases and improve moving forward. This system easily integrates into the merchant’s payment gateway.

Apart from these services, AVP Solutions also offers special terminals for retail and mobile businesses. Equipment details are available on its website.

AVP Solutions Fees, Rates, and Pricing

Processing Fees – Like with many payment service providers, AVP Solutions’ processing rates are not available on their website. The company customizes its rates by assessing the merchant’s business needs first. After a free consultation, it will provide its pricing proposal. The company claims to offer the lowest possible rates. AVP Solutions also calculates rates with the merchant’s bottom-line profitability in mind.

Additional Fees – Fee information on the company website is limited. However, other review sites mention additional monthly fees and setup costs. Since this information is not verified, it is best to consult the company directly. 

Hidden Charges – According to its website, AVP Solutions takes pride in offering honest cost comparisons and transparent fees. It may be safe to assume that merchants do not incur hidden charges outside the contract. 

However, it is worth noting that a few online testimonials mention expensive costs and withheld money. That said, make sure to review payment terms and conditions before signing any contract.

AVP Solutions Complaints

There are several online complaints about AVP Solutions. Most of these reviews were published more than five years ago. In total, the company has 16 complaints from three review sites. However, note that these complaints are not validated or officially reported as lawsuits.  Below is a summary of the issues encountered. 

  • Rip Off Reports shows eight complaints against AVP Solutions from 2008 to 2020. A few reviews from other websites also mention being scammed by the company. The most common complaints include:

  1. Merchant’s money taken from their accounts or reserves
  2. Not granting refunds
  3. Withheld funds without proper communication
  4. Hidden fees, early termination fees, and expensive setup fees that were not discussed with the merchant It is worth noting that one complaint mentioned a surprising processing rate of 8% instead of 1.99% as agreed with the company. The report dates back to 2012, and it is unclear whether the issue has been resolved.
  • Other Complaints

Other complaints about the company are mostly about unprofessional customer service and delayed responses from the company. Many mention the company’s owners as being hard to reach or work with.  

AVP Solutions BBB Rating

AVP Solutions is a BBB-accredited company since 2006. It has an A+ rating.

BBB Reviews

According to its BBB profile page, the company does not have any customer reviews. However, the company does have two complaints against it. These complaints talk about withheld funds and malicious business dealings. 

AVP Solutions has responded to both complaints, and one was marked as resolved. The other one had no follow-through from the complainant.

Is AVP Solutions Legitimate?

After 21 years in the industry, it is safe to assume that AVP Solutions is a legitimate company. Business information is widely available on the internet. You can also easily find the Linkedin profiles of its owners, Tiffany and Michael Segura. 

Moreover, you will find several reviews and articles about the company. While there have been complaints about the company, the intent to embezzle or manipulate has not been proven.

Scams – A complaint in mentioned that the company was being investigated for fraud. However, we have not found any public documents on scams against AVP Solutions.

Lawsuits – Likewise, there is no public information on lawsuits against AVP Solutions. 

Customer Reviews

As we gathered from several review sites, the company generally holds a low rating between 1 to 2.9 stars. However, there are some favorable testimonials about the company’s excellent customer service. Other than that, the company seems to have mixed reviews from merchants. 


Overall, the biggest advantage of AVP Solutions seems to be its 21-year track record. Its website shows an impressive list of innovative payment services and technology. However, merchant testimonials and review sites seem to show otherwise. While some customers share positive experiences with the company, it seems to have an issue with consistency, professionalism, and customer service. 

If you decide to explore a partnership with AVP Solutions, we recommend you proceed with caution. Discuss your requirements and expectations in detail, and review your contract before signing. The safest solution would be to explore other options. Here at Shark Processing, we can assure you of top-notch merchant services and a trustworthy partnership. Visit our website for more information, or contact us.

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