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EDI-Gateway Review

EDI-Gateway Review

General Information is an EDI Outsourcing Centre that is based in Canada. The company opened in 1993 and had been in business since. They conduct business in North America only (this might not be true, but it’s what’s written on their website) and offer easy and quick transitions from paper to e-commerce. They have over 7000 trading relationships, and they’ve exchanged millions of EDI transactions. They also assisted a wide variety of companies, ranging from small businesses to huge, multi-national companies. They claim to be able to understand a range of complex business processes and supply chains, with the goal of optimizing operations, reducing costs and increasing the profitability.

Considering that the company exists since 1993, it’s safe to say they aren’t a scam. We haven’t found any positive nor negative reviews, but this fact alone accounts to our thoughts about them. There is a lot of information to be found on their website which clients can check out themselves (we would have to write more than usual to make these resources visible, but you can go to their website and read all about them). They mostly operate in North American businesses. However, they are open to businesses around the world. This is great if you aren’t currently (or at all) based in the US or Canada, as it opens up opportunities for partnership with them. We also checked their legitimacy on a few others websites and they check out as being trustworthy.

Overall analysis of the website

While this is the first company of this kind we are reviewing, it doesn’t change the fact that we can see and research it in a way we do with all other companies. So far, what we found out was that they are completely safe to use and quite professional. After reviewing so many companies and running into fraudulent ones, we start seeing specific patterns in how a business operates. surely differs from scams as they are experts in what they do and also provide excellent customer support. Combined with the fact that there aren’t any negative reviews, we came to the conclusion that their focus is not on scamming their clients, rather, helping them make their business better.


Compared to some websites we reviewed which have shown to us that they are frauds and are only looking to take money from their clients, sacrificing trust and reputation in a dirty way, does business on an entirely different scale. They know what they are doing and aren’t looking to cause trouble. Regarding their reputation, it’s pretty clean, and lots of clients know why they chose this company to do business, and we’re going to agree with them as we found no incriminating documents or reports on their work. If you are in this line of business (EDI Outsourcing and exchanging documents safely), we highly recommend as they are safe to use. Always be cautious when choosing companies, but in this case, we are sure that you’ll find them very professional and experienced in what they do. World Wide Merchant Account Review World Wide Merchant Account Review



One ex-awepay merchant approached us and mentioned that awepay has outright scammed him. You can read his comments below. You an also view a website this disgruntled merchant built in frustration, which can be seen here If you have a negative or positive review of awepay we are happy to hear it. Until we further investigate this, we suggest you stay far away from

One big red flag with is that they have no fraud or chargeback department. You should be wary of working with a high-risk provider if they do no that have a dedicated fraud department to handle merchant disputes and customer chargebacks. If you have been burned by awepay (or any other company), please contact us or fill out an application and we will set you up with a bulletproof solution that does things the right way.

General Information specializes in processing payments, and they have existed for over 20 years. They have experienced people working for them, and they claim they are excellent at what they do. They claim that their rates are very competitive and affordable for clients, thus making their business more attractive regarding spending money. Their reputation has been proven over many years, and they claim to be a very stable and reliable option for payment processing. They constantly update their system and monitor it, in the hopes of taking care of any fraud that might be happening.

Customer experience treats their clients as partners, and as such are open to communication and ideas. Understanding their clients is a very important part of their business because by doing so, they can research the best way to help them. They don’t want to go into helping clients by being blind and oblivious to the business that the client is trying to conduct. Their support team is fantastic and always ready to answer calls.

As far as professionalism goes, this company is very professional in what they do. They don’t like to hang around doing nothing and are dedicated to their work. People haven’t run into any problems with them (as far as we’ve been able to find out), and there haven’t been any negative reviews. There was one website with debatable results regarding’s credibility, but the review itself is not available unless you subscribe to that website (which we don’t advise as having to do something before seeing their results isn’t a good sign). We disregarded this opinion as false and have focused more on what people have to say.

There haven’t been any complaints on, whether on forums or their website and we’re sure that they aren’t shady or trying to steal from their clients. Also, you should always be careful when searching for a company willing to help you with your business and your money. For the number of years they existed and the years of experience that their experts have, we can only say they are the real deal.


We are thorough in our investigation of companies and websites, and regarding this one we are pretty sure that they are legit. There were no reports on any of their work, and their customer support is on point. While we did run into that single report that was negative, we still don’t like how it turned out considering we didn’t have access to the information it ‘provided’ (only if you subscribe). With all this in mind, we do recommend this website as they are trustworthy. If you for whatever reason run into any problems with them, we advise you contact their customer support (which should answer you in less than 24hours) and try to resolve them. As far as their reputation is concerned, it’s good and nothing is showing otherwise. Still, be careful, you should do some research yourself as well.

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