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The company was founded in 1998 under the name: They offer Merchant accounts and specializes in high risk payment processing all over the world to e-commerce merchants. They also offer credit card processing for nonprofit organizations. Their headquarters are scattered in different countries. They go by the name “CCBill EU” for Europe-based merchants.

Costs and Fees

There’s not a lot of information offered on their costs and fees. Unfortunately, it’s never a good idea for companies to hide this particular information as it can lead to several problems. One of these problems involves merchants not knowing how much they’ll be paying for. This could be due to pricing and fees that vary greatly from one merchant to another in terms of their business size, hours/length operations, and other factors.

While it’s common practice to change the pricing, having a price sheet on their page as a guide is more transparent. As mentioned by some merchants, the company charges around $500 for an annual registration fee for dating sites while other high-risk businesses receive an astounding $1,000 every year.

Most customers believe itself is legit despite not displaying certain critical pricing information. The company operates like other merchant account providers as well as catering to high-risk merchants.

There have been a number of complaints made about the services offered by the company. However, these complaints come from customers of merchants registered to Technically, the company isn’t responsible for the actions of their clients, as they have no influence over them.

ccbill review

Unfortunately, people can sometimes lash out and attack the company without knowing. Complaints made by merchants of involve poor customer service, frozen/delayed refunds, or high processing costs. Their customer support is said to be so poor, merchants end up going as far as asking advice from third parties just to get around the issue.


If you’re looking for a company that does good business and is legit, fits the bill. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a company with a reliable customer support, then this company shouldn’t be an option. If you think you’re capable of running your business without problems, then you’ll find acceptable. All in all, the company is legit, but there are some risks you’ll need to carefully consider.

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