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Chargeback Fraud Detection Department

We help prevent charegbacks

The amount of effort we put into our merchant fraud-detection is unbelievable. Fraud-detection for our merchants and merchant’s customers are what make us out to be successful. This is why we have created our very own large department that works 24/7 to avoid client disputes and chargebacks.

Our 24/7 Chargeback Team Will Help Protect You

We will work hard to avoid chargebacks and resolve client disputes directly by offering our own in-house department that deals direct with our high-risk merchant’s customers. This saves all of us time, effort and money by cutting to the root issues in the high-risk credit card processing space. It is what happens when you mix high-chargeback businesses in with low-chargeback ones – Someone always gets screwed over (usually the little guys).

If you have been in this industry long enough, you will be aware that what makes a successful PSP comes down to the level of effort they put into resolving client disputes. If you look at the low-risk leaders such as Paypal and Stripe you will understand the amount of time and money they put into their dispute programs. But, they do it in a smart way so it doesn’t cost the company an arm in the leg. We have set up a fraud detection system that is highly-advanced and always helps to reduce the amount of chargebacks by communicating with the customers first.

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