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General Information offers a handful of distinctive services. They operate as a payment gateway, as well as offering Merchant Accounts and Chargeback liability shifts. They seem legitimate and reliable, but they don’t exactly offer much information about their business. Their “about us” section doesn’t list their location or anything similar. Nonetheless, people can manage his practice in that segment.

Transaction Portal Site offers payment processing options that suit the client’s  needs. You can request help in choosing the correct processor that’s best for your business as well as having great customer support options. They claim that doing business with them is straightforward and easy, however, they don’t offer any more information regarding Payment Gateways on the page, rather, they are offering you a chance to call them in case an individual wish to review even more.Payment Gateways

Whatever actually provide

  • Approvals within 24/48 hours – this is great if you don’t want to spend time waiting for approval on transactions and similar actions.
  • Merchant account rates as low as 3.25%
  • Merchant account specialists – the website claims to be specialized in handling merchant accounts effectively.
  • Chargeback protection services – great against fraud and scams, however, some cards don’t allow chargeback services, but this isn’t the website’s fault.
  • No application or setup fees – great for businesses that are just starting and a very positive thing regarding these types of websites – a client is more likely to do business with a website that takes less of his money.
  • No annual fees.


As far as reliability is concerned, is a pretty reliable website. We couldn’t find a lot of reports on it, however, the ones we did find have all been positive. The customer support service is amazing and fast, and the process of signing up to their website is quick and simple. They have an A+ BBB rating and a 95% approval rating, achieved by helping hundreds and thousands of merchants around the world. They also work through many gateways and also offers load balancing and they ensure that the client’s merchant account works with their shopping cart solution.


Regarded as one of the best websites of its kind, is a healthy, reliable and trustworthy solution for all your needs. No negative reviews and great customer support increase the shine of their company. Their customer support is quick on helping solve problems, and you can usually get to them 24/7. Contrary to other websites and cash gateways, is not a scam place, neither will clients get scammed. People are satisfied with their work and have recommended the website to other clients. On top of that, having a simple set-up method for new merchants and support for various credit cards, increases their reputation even further. However, even though we do recommend using this website, keep in mind that there aren’t a lot of reviews in the end. If you are willing to trust them with your business, their record speaks for itself, and you shouldn’t run into any problems. Nonetheless, we advise you be careful.

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  1. CWB PAY is a SCAM! They will steal your money. They have no location nor a phone number for a reason!. This is not a joke, DO NOT use them. Howard, Zack, and others with many aliases, there will make you feel great then stick it to you. They’ve stolen millions and hide behind CWB Global in Panama…yes Central America people. Do not use them as you will be robbed 100%.

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