Eastern Pay High-Risk Merchant Review

Introducing the status of high-risk merchant

Leading a prosperous and fulfilling business is all every business person wants and to achieve that you will have to keep up the pace with technological advancements. By those here is meant on the Internet. You need to get online, no matter how much that sounds difficult it just has to be done. Everyone is doing it, and if you do not, you will be falling behind. The Web is a powerful tool if used correctly.

Eastern Pay is one of the most reliable high-risk merchant account providers. The services they offer cover everything you will need to resolve and continue working on that advancement. Accepting credit and debit cards are going to become easier than ever before, and enabling this to your customers is something that will have a huge impact on your profit. The cards you are going to be able to accept are MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. Therefore, you can receive almost all of the cards in the world.

The Reasons For Choosing Eastern Pay

There is a list of things you’ll be amazed when it comes doing business with Eastern Pay, and one of then that there are many ways of accepting credit or debit cards. You need to be able to accept payments in any way possible. This will significantly improve your business. In Eastern Pay business you can see that they will give you opportunities which others can’t. You can use Vantiv smartphone or tablet app and swipe those cards anywhere anytime. Electronic check services are something you must pay attention to because that will make sure your customers paid before leaving your store.

Dealing with Chargebacks

Some of other reasons for you to be a high-risk merchant are the huge level of chargebacks. Now the reason for this could be anything because it depends on which line of work you’re in. You will need to handle chargebacks properly, and Eastern Pay can provide you with the solution for that problem. The main idea is to keep the level of chargeback under the 2%. This is a must if you want to lose the high-risk label.

Customer Support

When it comes to doing business with merchant account providers, a high responsiveness is a must. You need to be able to contact them 24/7 and get a response in moments because you can be facing a huge problem which will make it impossible for you to receive payments. The stop in money flow is one of the most dangerous situations one’s business can be put in. Not only that you will be able to call them whenever you want, but also on their web page there is a FAQ page where you can see all of the issues others had and the solutions they’ve got after consulting with the Customer Support team. You won’t have to wait for their response because maybe someone already had a problem similar to yours.

To Conclude

Taking your business online is a great thing, but you will have to be extremely careful. The high-risk companies are mostly targeted, and you can end up losing everything. Not only you but your clients can lose their money easily if some of the crucial payment information is compromised. Thread carefully.

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