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Review of Ecorepay

EcorePay is an international online payment provider with over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. They specialize in secure online payment solutions for both low and high-risk merchants. EcorePay uses a blend of corporate experience and entrepreneurial flair to deliver services for their eCommerce businesses.

They also ensure the longevity of merchants and the success of their business by means of a comprehensive approach.


EcorePay offers a wide range of services. Among them are;

  • Front-end payment tools
  • Accounts with website traffic reporting, full transaction reporting, and real-time statistics.
  • Secure payment for merchants and cardholders.
  • Customer support (e-mail and live chat).
  • Account manager assistance for setup and transactions.


EcorePay offers some of the best security features in the market. They consist of:

  • Sophisticated and high-quality fraud controls.
  • In-house transaction specialists flagged transaction review.


EcorePay is a trusted company offering great services. Their website is user-friendly, and their customer service is one of the best out there. This makes them a trusted online payment service provider in the market.

3 thoughts on “Review of Ecorepay”

  1. The company scammers with their partners from IDNII took money and now everything. Payments to your account get very difficult every day they have new rules. I can provide all the screenshots, I will file them with the police. Money does not pay technical support is missing. A waste of time and your nerves

  2. Great company! I’ve been processing with Ecorepay for 3 solid years. Yes there have been some times where funds have been released behind schedule, sometimes for several months, but if you don’t understand the difficulties that can exist with so many stakeholders in the payment value chain then you really have no idea how the payments industry works and probably shouldn’t be using an offshore account! Today they are using banks in China and Africa and they are not a dream solution, but if you want to process offshore you have to understand that the card schemes, local acquirers and PSPs are all very difficult to manage, and Ecorepay has helped me out a LOT.

    I agree with your website – one of the best out there.

    – Dennis

    1. You are 100% right Dennis but my opinion of them has since changed a little. They lost some funds in their accounting that their manager said was available on a 3 year old account. Then on another solution the funds were supposed to be released after the 6 months but then they said 12 months. Overall they are a legitimate company and yes funds get lost, seized and eaten up by card scheme fines. I still give Ecorepay a decent score but they have gone a bit downhill. If you want a China Agg they are still one of the top dogs. Still one of the best offshore guys in the business.

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