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Epayworx.com Review – Payment Network For Merchants

General Information

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information regarding this website or the business they do, and the information that is available is pretty vague. This doesn’t bode well for us and the review as we cannot know for sure what the business is about. They claim that they offer a simple and easy-to-use API and shopping cart system and that they meet low, medium and high-risk merchants.

They also claim to have customer support, but as far as we’ve seen, their website consultant was offline all the time. There are grammar mistakes on the website and misleading words, and the entire website looks very old. It doesn’t look clean; you don’t know where to look to find what you need, and it’s all pretty roughly written. They do have an unusual ‘job opening’ where you approach merchants, propose details about the website and try to attract them to it. If they do listen to you and visit Epayworx.com, you get a certain amount paid to you, if the client is active. This might seem like a good way to earn money, but you need some knowledge in this field, and the client can stop being active for some time, basically meaning that you spent time for nothing.

Customer reviews

We did find some reviews online from people who were concerned with how Epayworx.com operates and we found out they mainly do work with the pharmaceutical industry. There was one positive comment regarding them, where they didn’t have a minimum fee of $100 but this was due to the mistake of the client (he misinterpreted what was written and has later corrected himself). The only other specific detail we found was that the company was based in the US. However, the country of origin/operation was hidden. This might not mean anything but to us; it could mean that they have something more to hide than just the country.


Epayworx.com is a vaguely described, shady business. With a lack of information and no clear features or line of work, we can only be skeptical about their business. While we did find some evidence that their work is legit, take this with a grain of salt. It’s not good when a company doesn’t have almost any kind of reputation, and the only comments about their work are found deep within customer forums. There were no other reviews that we found (other than the regular ones regarding location, ownership, etc. and. Therefore, we cannot come to a definite conclusion. With these points in mind, we recommend you stay clear from Epayworx.com. You can research yourself, but you’ll only find yourself at a halt because of the lack of info. There are many other websites and companies which offer similar services that have clearly defined goals and benefits. If you are willing to choose this company, be very careful; especially if you are in need of a high-risk merchant account as they tend to be more costly to set-up and keep running.

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