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If there’s one thing you should know about is that it’s never a good idea to do business with them in the first place. They’ve scammed customers plenty and have had people fall for their “trusted payment processing site” gimmick.

If you want to learn more why everyone is doubting their service, read on.


Fashionpay is payment processing company based in China. They offer services to merchants and clients who want to conduct online payments. They even boasted of having one of the most highly secure payment process in the world. At the same time, they also products from third party sources.

The website is flat out horrible in terms of its interface. At first visit, everything is in Chinese, but an English translation option is available. Even if the translator is used, it’s still not as accurate since there were way too many typos to account for. This, in itself, is a sign to completely abandon the site in the initial going. A trusted site should look professional and polished with little or no typos at all.

There have been so many complaints with made against this company that we ended up having a hard time landing one positive review. People have complained ordering products from them at basement bargain prices only to end up receiving fake items that are poorly designed.

To be honest, if something is very cheap, it’s likely poor in quality – but that doesn’t mean the company has the right to promote high-quality products at a low price and end up deceiving customers with bad ones in the end. What’s even worse, you won’t get a refund for the items bought. That means, when you pay – your money is gone for good.

Another negative thing with Fashionpay is that no one outside of China can sue them. There have been multiple reports of people being detained at their local customs office for purchasing “dangerous” products from them —- some of them nearly faced legal charges!

We understand that there are a lot of fraudulent companies out there, but this company easily tops that list. They’re, by far, the worst one we had to deal with, and not one positive review was made about them. We don’t recommend this website since the chances of you coming out a satisfied customer is little to none.

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  1. There are absolutely no guarantees with Fashionpay and it’s understanble since they work with high risk industries (virtual goods and currencies, payday loans, forex, pharmacies, gaming, etc). Here are a few risks to bear in mind with Fashionpay:

    1. You pay the setup fee and they can close your account any time (even after a few weeks of account opening, yes it has happened), setup fees are non-refundable in any case, kiss it goodbye, you can complain and negotiate all you want, you will not get your setup fee refunded. They can blame your account closure on the GLOBAL BRAND PROTECTION INNOVATION PROGRAMME (GBPIP) or that their processing banks have fined Fashionpay for whatever reason. You have no way of verifying this information.
    2. Transaction success rate is around 60-70%. Sometimes Fashionpay will send out newletters saying that Visa channel has stopped working for an indefinite period of time. These periods have lasted anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks. During this “down time” you will not be compensated in any way. You can complain all you want, you will not get compensated.
    3. The exchange rate is extortiaonate. Fashionpay charges in CNY (Chinese Yuan) and the exchange rate that US and European banks use is extraordinary. In the end your customers will see on their bank statements amounts 10-15% higher than they initially placed the order for on your website. You will find that quite a few customers will file chargebacks based on this.
    4. Chargebacks. If you receive a chargeback and subsequently the customer cancels it and you submit all the required paper work to Fashionpay (customer comunnication, tracking numbers, etc), in 99% of cases Fashionpay would still not remove the chargeback, therefore you loose the order amount plus you get slapped a $20 penalty.
    5. Setup and yearly fee – $4000+$4000. Comission on your transactions – 8%. Payout cycle – 30 days in arrears. Payout frequency – twice per month. The rolling reserve – 10% (paid after 180 days). Chargeback processing – $20.

    Use at your own risk. We have lost a setup and a yearly fee with this company and they refuse to refund or reopen a new account. If they treated their clients well, we would have still be using Fashionpay.

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