Review of First Payment Merchant Services

One of the fastest-growing merchant service providers in the UK, First Payment Merchant Services utilizes various funding methods and EPOS solutions for their services. They claim to save merchants as much as 20% of costs and 60% on credit card processing fees.

They have more than 80 local business advisors in their team — rendering their customer service as the most experienced and best in the country. This pits as the payment processing company to beat.


Their company offers a number of service offerings including:

  • Pro-active customer service (regular customer check-ups).
  • Excellent PCI DSS program.
  • Competitive contact rates and hassle-free opt-out option.
  • Upgradeable EPOS solutions.

User Friendly

The website for First Payment Merchant Services is user-friendly. Procedures and processes are easy to follow and clearly explained. Their guide is helpful in ensuring a smooth transaction. They respond to you quickly in case you run into any issue related to them or their site.


The company offers a number of advantages. These include:

  • Multi-user logins.
  • Useful reporting tools available (including invoice history, black card listings, transaction history, settlement history, and transaction summary).
  • Fraud protection.
  • Companies and network affiliates.
  • Business report creation.


No negative reviews can be found on their site and since they offer exceptional service, we can assume they’re a company to be trusted.


First Payment Merchant Services offers the best services in the market for your business. Their experience and exceptional history can be seen through the positive testimonials they receive in their website.

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