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Poker is a card-based game which many consider as a luck-based game, but there’s a fair amount of skill involved mainly psychological skill. Because of this, it’s considered as one of the most fun and interesting games in casinos. However, this is a high-risk business model regarding payment and other laws and regulation. Many agencies including govt. Organizations keep their close eyes on online money laundering, and online poker is on top of that list. If you want your casino to thrive and grow, you would be wise to consider the experts to take care of these high-risk merchant accounts, and we are one of the experts who can give you the best solution.

Why is Online Poker High Risk?

– Online Poker has a high volume turnover which banks consider high-risk.
– There have been occasions where money laundering has occurred due to these businesses being based offshore.
– The higher the potential for chargebacks, the higher the risk – Online poker has a high potential for chargebacks.

We offer high-risk merchant accounts solution for online poker and also credit card processing solutions because we think that every business deserves a chance.


You should have multiple variations to your poker games, ranging from small stakes to very high stakes. Of course, only elite players would be able to play at the highest stakes, and you’d have the most clients playing at small stakes. The more stakes there are, the higher the probability of people joining games. Also, be sure to accept many different credit cards so that you can process them. The more you give the flexibility, the more customers you get, but make sure you do it legally and with expert advice so that you don’t get chased by the lawmakers very often for running this high-risk business model.


Transactions need to be secure as well as client information. Their information is crucial for smooth transactions and evidence of them, so you’ll need to keep it private. You will also need to keep your website and casino safe from hackers because there have been cases of them breaking into the casino and stealing money. If this were to happen, your reputation would be damaged, you would lose money, and your clients would be extremely angry. Make sure not to let this happen at any cost. Being able to process high-risk credit cards is a necessity, and you’ll also need good security for that as well.


If you want your casino to grow and receive a lot of traffic, as well as enjoy a good reputation, you’ll need someone to help you on that journey. We are professionals in what we do and have extensive experience in this field of work. We will be happy to provide you our services and be your partners along the way towards your success!

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