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General Information claims to operate with all kinds of credit cards, and they accept various high-risk businesses and merchant accounts. Weekly payouts are available, and their platform is easy to integrate into your website. There isn’t much more than this on their website, and it’s all pretty vague. As merchant account and credit card processors, this doesn’t give us much hope in their legitimacy. Similarly to a website we reviewed earlier, the lack of information is a big red flag when it comes to conducting business with them. On top of that, we couldn’t find any positive reviews (except their employees) and most of the reviews were very negative.

Customer experience

People mostly complained about integration with their shopping card choice (mostly ZenCart) and how it caused them many problems. Considering they operate with high-risk merchant accounts, this isn’t surprising given the lack of information on their website. Scammers usually don’t give out a lot of info regarding themselves as there isn’t any. Desperate people fall into this trap and are stripped even more of their money. They are based in South Africa, which gives them a sort of immunity (clients don’t usually follow up with lawsuits against a company that isn’t based in their home country). We found one client that had an Adult content website, giving a very negative review of He claims that he didn’t have many problems with them up until one point and that ever since then, he hasn’t gotten any contact from them and that his money has been taken. The company has many issues with their interface on websites and it constantly crashes, lowering traffic flow and decreasing the number of customers to that specific website. Another person said that the fees are immensely high and compared to other companies of this sort, it’s not smart partnering with People have lost a lot of money with them, and this isn’t good for their reputation. One of the biggest problems that occurred was when a customer reported that the website itself mentions no sign-up fees, yet he was charged for around $1500 just for sign-up. When he tried to contact them, they didn’t respond.

Regarding their customer support, it’s atrocious, and they only appear on forums when someone makes complaints against them. Of course, some of these complaints can be fake, probably made while clients were in danger, however, many similar reports tell us the story a bit differently. People are simply unhappy with them, and they refuse to accept responsibility.


We highly recommend you stay away from as there’s nothing good we heard about them. As mentioned before, the only good things came from their employees and some other ‘clients’ (this looks very shady as the comments were weirdly written). When multiple people agree on the same issue, we can’t accept the word of this company as the truth. The people have spoken, and it’s clear they aren’t to be trusted.

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