Review of goEmerchant.com

goEmerchant.com began their operations in 1995. The company offers merchant accounts for e-commerce. Their set-up system is easy to use and the setup is straightforward. This is possible thanks to their advanced transaction reporting software that quickly integrates credit cards of clients on their website.

Fees and Customer Support

Their monthly fees and rates are low in the market, which makes them appealing to customers. Their support team is courteous and responsive. The services offered are easy to use and customize. As a result, they were able to gain a 99% application approval rate, boosting their popularity even further.

Their services transparent and always claim to put clients first and foremost. Their BBB rating is A+ and their employees are educated and skilled in their positions.

The company has a “calm” vibe and you can see this in their website. They frequently post pictures of their group events outside of their office. This friendly atmosphere makes them approachable and friendly to talk to.

Service Offerings

They offer a number of payment solutions including:

  • Recurred billing.
  • Account updates.
  • Hosting and payment monitoring.


goEmerchant.com are seasoned veterans in the market. With years of experience, they were able to gain the trust of many customers. Their track record is positive and considering all the points mentioned, making them a legit company. In a nutshell, GoEmerchant.com is a company worth doing business with.

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