gspay credit card processing review

Gspay Global Merchant Service Review

General Information is a website which specializes in providing payment solutions for merchant accounts, various similar tasks and for international businesses. They provide credit card support for all major credit cards against competitive rates. They say they offer lower costs and increased benefits just by using their website. Lower rates are for lower risk businesses, and higher rates are for higher risk businesses (for example – web hosting and travel merchant, respectively). But what are the benefits that the website offers? Well, they have a list which we’ll cover now: Benefits

  • Quick online payment implementation – lowering the time needed for payments.
  • Specialized Credit Card protection for Visa and MasterCard available – they offer protection for your credit cards.
  • Acceptance of main credit card types.
  • Support various cart systems likeOSCommerce, Magento, ZenCart, etc. – this is a wide variety of different cart systems which should increase the number of clients coming to their websites as it offers a lot of different solutions.
  • The website’s server is secured.
  • Management of products, services, and membership.
  • Shipping fees management.
  • Your very own shopping cart design.
  • All countries are welcome – this is a big plus as clients from many different countries come to their site, the traffic amount increases and the overall payment they receive.

This is all great, and there are many positive aspects of this site, but how legit is it? The results are not good, and there have been many complaints on all kinds of things regarding the work of


Unfortunately, is not very reliable. Due to numerous reports from many different clients, the website’s credibility is very low, and people move away from Their content is also not safe for kids, and the entire website looks very shady. In some rare cases, it turns out to be legit but not enough to give it a positive rating. Their trustworthiness is destitute as well as privacy regarding clients. There have been, on numerous occasions, employees of the website giving away private information on forums, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. This should not happen as it endangers the clients.


The website is simply not good. There are many mistakes regarding information they provide. These range from first mentioning that their initial and minimum payout is $2000 while on their PDF it’s mentioned that the minimum payout is $4000. This confuses clients, and when they want to contact the website and ask about this problem, they don’t get a response. Even if it’s mentioned they offer full-time customer support, they simply ignore these problems. When faced with clear evidence that their work is shady and bad for business, they simply make up reasons as to why it’s the way it is. There have also been reports by clients that they simply didn’t get their money paid back and that the company stole from them. All in all, we advise you stay away entirely from and everything that has to do with them. The people do not lie, and the company has a terrible reputation. You might as well call them frauds.

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