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Review of is a credit card processing company based in Netherlands. They offer a familiar and simple way of making payments online. They usually incorporate themselves into an existing bank website and if the website has their logo, it means payments can be made through them.

Payment Process and Security

Here are the steps to making payments with iDeal:

  1. Select iDeal as your payment option.
  2. Select your chosen bank.
  3. Log-in to the bank.
  4. Approve payment.
  5. Bank instantly shows payment confirmation.
  6. Return to the webshop to receive payment and order report.

Their payment description always includes details of the organization or merchant you paid to. If you can’t spot the name of the organization or merchant, chances are it may have been outsourced to third parties. If this is the case, the name of the third party are listed.

iDeal also doesn’t require any registering, downloading files or creating an account since they are a credit card processing company. Several banks enable you to use iDeal instantly if your bank is included in the list. This allows you to stay in control with payments.

They offer state-of-the-art protection and security to curb scamming.

Conclusion offers an easy option for card processing and payment options through other banks. They don’t have a complicated process of registering and creating accounts, and their service is easy to use. A tutorial video on their website is available to show how everything works.

Their support team is said to be reliable but aren’t usually needed since the likelihood of experiencing a problem may likely be from banks or web shops.

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