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Instabill is an offshore payment provider operating with high-risk businesses. Their website is relatively professional looking and clean, without unnecessary elements that block the view of the customer. They don’t offer services for all kinds of businesses. However, they do specialize in some, and that’s where their expertise comes into play. They are a bit more expensive than other service providers of the same kind, but they do their work correctly. Or so they claim.

Instabill legit or scam? Best high-risk cc processor


  • Merchant accounts for people all over the world – If you ever conducted business with someone who’s not from your country, or having been involved with multiple currencies and their conversion, you likely had problems, potentially big problems. Instabill has experts that are experienced in this type of obstacle, and they try to ease up the way to a solution as much as they can.
  • High-Risk Merchant Accounts – Instabill does work with high-risk businesses, and they have had great success with them. Some of these businesses are Online Gambling, Tech support businesses, etc.  They have a proven record of approving this line of work and mostly haven’t run into any problems.
  • Low-Risk businesses – They don’t necessarily do a lot of work with low-risk businesses. However, they do advertise this as something they are proficient in. With that in mind, there are a lot of better options out there than this company, so use at your choice.


Regarding and their fees, high-risk merchant accounts are always more costly than moderate/normal/low-risk accounts. There is also a rolling reserve, and some funds get withheld from month to month. If your account has a good record, however, the fees will go down, and you’ll see reductions in the reserve. Install rewards their faithful and good clients with this, and they often have similar benefits to long-term customers.


Their advertising is better than most high-risk processing websites, even with small mistakes and confusions in ads. Some ads simply aren’t followed up on by the main website, and this can cause a lack of trust.


There have been numerous problems with in the past; customers were not satisfied with the service, and many started lawsuits against them! The problem with this was that they have a partnership with a UK-based bank, and there is no way to point fingers at them, without pointing fingers at the bank. There have been many attempts at shutting down this company, but they stood their ground. There have also been reports of money being withheld indefinitely and people were furious. Lately, (more precisely since 2015), there haven’t been any negative reviews, which tells us that the company did start working correctly and legitimately. If you are willing to look for their past mistakes and forget what happened before, they might be an excellent bet in this line of work. You should still be cautious with them, as you should be with any high-risk processing website, and take care.

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