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iPay.com Review – E-Commerce Payment Gateway

General Information

iPay.com is a payment gateway provider. This differs a bit from the usual websites and companies we cover as those are usually credit card processors or merchant account providers. iPay.com is a branch of Planet Payment, which was established in 1999. This alone tells us that the company is legit and surely not a scam. Fraudulent companies usually don’t last long, and this particular company has been operating for 17 years! We’ll cover them in more detail.

Overall review of the website

Regarding marketing, iPay.com utilizes traditional methods rather than paid marketing. This means they look for partnership with merchant account providers that helps them get more popularity simply by being a part of the partnership. This both saves money and is fair game. The information that gets marketed is truthful, and it isn’t misleading, and there hasn’t been a single report where they were accused of false advertising. If there is a company that is trustworthy in this way, iPay.com is certainly it.

There isn’t almost any information regarding the payment fees, however, which might negatively influence clients. But considering that we didn’t find any negative reactions to their fees, it tells us that they are indeed fair and not too high. Their virtual terminal, unfortunately, looks out of date, but it does allow a lot of customization, which some other companies do not offer. They don’t support USB credit card sliders, but their advantage is the accessibility of multiple currencies. This is excellent for big businesses and is mostly focused on them.

The company has extraordinary customer support, and it’s offered via phone or email. There haven’t been any complaints about the work this company does which is a pretty good sign that it isn’t a scam. The further we investigate into them, the more we’re sure this is a very reliable company. This might partially be because they aren’t providers of merchant accounts, and that’s where most complaints come from, but it could also mean (which is more likely) that they simply know what they’re doing.


Overall, iPay.com is a company that’s worth conducting business with. They have shown time and time again that they aren’t frauds and that they take their work very seriously. All kinds of benefits, amazing customer support, help with client problems – these are all things that make this company what it is. On top of that, having no negative reports and reviews shows you what’s up. People have praised them for their work ethic and relationship with clients, and they stick out above the rest thanks to their professionalism. If you are in this line of work, we recommend iPay.com! As always, we recommend caution, but regarding payment gateways, a little less caution is necessary as it doesn’t pose as much danger as do merchant accounts that are high-risk and credit card processing websites. In the end, we enjoyed reviewing them, and we are happy to see there are companies out there that do their job professionally and reliably. Truly a role model for others in this type of business!

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