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iPayDNA.biz Review – Merchant Account & Gateway Providers

General Information

iPaydna has been formed in 2004 and is privately owned. They are a PCI DSS compliant, having been linked to some banks around the world. They provide a debit card, credit card, and non-card processing services to merchants from all around the world. iPaydna is based in Hong Kong, Malaysia, the UK, Gibraltar and a few other countries. Their management team has years of banking experience, and some of them are ex-bankers from other companies.

Services and benefits

They claim that their mission is to keep customers and clients happy in a way that they never need to find any other high-risk processing website. Also mentioned is the security they operate with and they claim to have simple functions that clients can use as well.

  • Maximum of 72-hours for pre-approval.
  • Quick and easy set-up of merchant accounts.
  • Simple and easy integrating to chosen hosting payment page.
  • A single payment page for various credit card and non-credit card payment channels.
  • Advanced scam and fraud prevention.
  • Very competitive fees.
  • Quick payouts.
  • 10% rolling reserves for qualified and experienced merchants.
  • No fraud, no scamming.

They assign experienced and dedicated account managers to every merchant and provide help and advice on how to best run online businesses in the hopes of minimizing scams and fraud while also increasing the amount of traffic to your website.

IpayDNA high-risk merchant account reviews

Extra features

  • Acceptance of international credit card brands.
  • Around the clock support and management by experienced account managers.
  • e-Wallets and various Vouchers.
  • Support for many different industries like gaming, Electronic Gaming, Traveling and entertainment, etc.
  • They also have multi-lingual support which in turn increases the number of clients visiting their websites. The more languages are available for customer support, the better the service.


Although there are many positive reviews of this company and their services, there are quite a few negative ones as well. We really can’t draw a definite conclusion on how good and legit they are as the number of positive and negative reviews is roughly the same. While some people claim their service is amazing and that they’ve been working for a few years with them, others say that they are a scam and that they had their money stolen by iPaydna.biz. This is a bad sign, and it tarnishes reputation. One single bad review can affect client’s thoughts about them and can steer them away from the company. The company has been operating for a few years now and the main argument they have (about not being a fraud site) is that they couldn’t exist for that long if they were frauds. However, people filed lots of complaints about money not being returned to them and customer support not reacting and responding to problems. All in all, we aren’t sure how to rate this website. You would have to take a big risk if you want to do business with them, but it’s up to you. The reviews aren’t favorable, and as far as we’re concerned, there are much better and more trustworthy websites for this type of business.

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