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iProcessing Review – High-risk credit card processing

General Information

iProcessing.com is a High-risk credit card processing website with a focus on first-class customer service. They utilize innovative technology in a combination with 35+ years of merchant banking experience to create high-performance payment solutions. They offer a wide variety of high-risk merchant account credit card processing solutions to meet client’s individual business needs.

Provided Benefits

All kinds of merchant accounts, as well as processing high-risk credit card businesses – this website, is mostly focused on high-risk processing.

  • Top-quality E-commerce for worldwide clients – this is great as it increases the number of clients the website offers its services.
  • Simple integration with the help of specialists – having great customers support and services is always a big plus – this means that if you run into any trouble, their specialists will be there to help you fix the problem.
  • Fraud Prevention – low chargeback ratios increase revenues – preventing fraud and scam is a must for any website of this type.
  • Major credit card support, followed by support for many different currencies – this also increases the number of clients that choose iProcessing.com over other similar websites.
  • Mobile phone billing – no credit card required.
  • European Debit.


The website has proven to be very reliable and trustworthy, often going out of their way to help out their clients as much as they can. This is a website whose focus is customer satisfaction. They have no interest in any shady work and have built a reputation on trust and professionalism. They are reliable in almost any instance, and you shouldn’t have any trouble with them. Truly one of the best high-risk credit card processing services out there.


iProcessing.com is as reliable as it gets. The website generated almost no negative reviews, and people are happy with their work overall. We haven’t run into any problems either, and they have proven to be very competent about their work, as well as having a great work ethic.  A great example of this is the website’s relation to the E-cig industry. There have been many reports on numerous Credit Card Processors about how they are treating the E-cig industry as “high-risk” which in term increases the number of fees a merchant has to pay. High rates, rolling reserves, monthly and even annual fees, are something a merchant doesn’t want to hear, let alone do. It is a huge money sink, and it’s not beneficial to them. iProcessing.com doesn’t have this type of relation to the E-cig industry. They have been supportive of the industry, so much as to have their employees go to E-cig expos and industry shows.  This is great news as the company is handling this issue very well. They keep proving more and more that they are very reliable, trustworthy and friendly, offering help to people who are being taken advantage of. It’s one of the rarest sites where there is almost no risk of clients being scammed.

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