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Lately, online trading has expanded by a huge margin compared to a few years ago. Online trading started when the Internet was already in its teenage years – meaning that it was stable enough to support this type of activity. However, with the advancements of trading online, several challenges arose for merchants. One of the biggest challenges that merchants have to face is being labelled as a high-risk merchant. This can automatically spell disaster for a merchant and we hate seeing that happen. This is the reason that we have prepared several solutions for high-risk merchants that are looking to make a profit!

What does high-risk mean?

High-risk means that your business is either prone to frauds or has a high chargeback rate. Of course, no one likes businesses that have the potential to lose a lot of money so naturally, people tend to stay away from them. However, your business might not be high-risk, but it is for some reason accepted as high-risk. Other high-risk businesses are gambling sites, adult content sites, etc. If your business doesn’t fit into this category – we have solutions. If your business does fit in this category – we’ll also have solutions prepared!

Issues with high-risk businesses

If your business is categorised as high-risk, you most likely won’t be able to use some regular payment processing services. The most popular ones will be forever out of your reach. It is understandable that these big services won’t want anything to do with you because you can be a liability and on the internet – reputation is everything. We understand that you might run into issues regarding payment processing services, which is why we have prepared our own! You won’t have to look further because we have everything already set up.


If you want to make a big profit, you’ll need to become a client of a certain bank. The payments you receive will have to be processed through a bank due to the sheer amount of money. You won’t be able to deal with it all by yourself which is why you need a bank on your side. However, this is a big problem for high-risk merchants because most banks don’t want to work with them. We mentioned the reason before, and it applies here as well. You are in luck, though, as we have solutions that exist solely for the purpose of helping high-risk merchants receive the treatment they deserve.


Finally, we’d like to mention that you shouldn’t lose hope and determination just because some hurdles may appear. If you have an online business or a remote business that is considered high-risk – we have solutions for your troubles. We offer various solutions and help that should ensure that your business succeeds! We are looking forward to a mutual friendship and agreement. You’ll be convinced as soon as your business starts growing exponentially with our help! Don’t back down from challenges; embrace them!

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