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Headquartered in China, is an online payment platform that accepts different currencies. They provide solutions that make payments easier to process. Setting up a merchant account takes less than two days which means you’ll be able to quickly start your business. They boast a round-the-clock customer support as well as possessing a sophisticated security system that protects you against fraud.

Partnerships and Referral Program is currently in partner with several worldwide banks who constantly use their services. Through this, they were able to open a referral program that helps businesses acquire bonuses for increased growth.

When you join their referral program, you get the following bonuses:

– 100% markup as commission.
– Sales conversion: Clients can easily convert additional sales through a simpler and faster route via their company’s banking solutions.
– Increased Transaction Approval Ratio: Acquisition of less lost revenue.
– Faster market participation.
– Reduced business costs.

Security is fully PCI Compliant and accept payments from four different credit card providers: Visa, Amex, MasterCard, and JCB. By being PCI Compliant, they make it easier to secure the processing of credit cards. Their Anti-Fraud system ensures clients are protected from frauds.

Services and Products offers many services including:

– Worldwide payment solutions.
High-risk merchant specialization.
– Risk management system.
– 24/7 customer support.
– Reasonable rates (2% to 7%, depending on turnover and type of industry) offers a plethora of services and products for clients. As a result they were able to attract more merchants. Customer support is available all day, which means merchants who encounter problems can contact them at any time.

Highly Recommended

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find any customer reviews of the company. But based on what we’ve seen so far, they seem to be legit. They’ve generally centered on customer satisfaction. Because of this, we believe it’s safe to do business with them without problems.


As always, it’s  important to be very careful when making use of your money for this purpose. Sometimes, fraudulent companies exploit this so it pays be sure about your choice!

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  1. I am partnered with MeikoPay right now and already have started processing for the clients I referred over. As of now it has been about 3 months and I have received payments every week and so have my Clients. Apart from this they are also very responsive and provide very personalized and professional communication, everything is done over Skype and Email and although I am in the US and they’re in China, the timezone difference does not stop them from replying back quick! This aspect is what I am most impressed by as it shows how dedicated they are to servicing their partners.

    Its been good so far (especially money wise :D) and I will definitely be sending over more clients and expect a prosperous future with this company.

  2. I have been working with MeikoPay for almost half a year now and have been very impressed altogether so far with the way they handle their clients business, available technology, and on time payments.

    In the beginning I had my doubts like most people but in the high risk industry you need to take necessary risks in order to find the most reliable payment processor because having clients is not the only aspect. Thus I was approached by one of their Business Development Managers on LinkedIn and they offered me their services, and I decided to take a chance. After we signed the agreement and I sent over my clients KYC application for their underwriting to approve them, I received a response within half a day and they had the Merchant Account opened within 24 hours after the approval. Then we did the API integration with my client and I was very impressed how they handled the technical support as I could tell they knew what they were doing and responded very quickly when my client had any technical issues with the integration.

    Once that was completed my client was up and processing. They can accept Visa and Master and support multi currency processing. After two weeks of processing the settlement due date finally arrived and at this point I knew it would either be a breaking point or show if MeikoPay is truly worth working with. On the day of the settlement I woke up with an email titled Settlement Statement ***(client name)** .

    From there on out I have been processing with this company for the past 5-6 months and have not missed one payment. To conclude I am very satisfied with this company although I do not mean to say they are perfect because there has been a few bumps along the way but nothing that wasn’t able to sorted out.

    In conclusion I am satisfied with working with this company and believe that they will be a long term payment solution for my portfolio and clients.

  3. Hello, good information on Meiko Pay here. I’m curious as my company received paperwork from them out of the blue and in their documents they discuss White Labeling the back end and I assume the merchant statement to our company’s name, is this a true statement? Also I do not see where they accept AMEX, is that not the case.

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