NFC payments

NFC Payments: Why and How to Accept NFC

Brief Introduction

We are living in a modern era, and that means we need to be up-to-date with technological advancements if we want to preserve the income of our businesses or even increase it. Since going online with your business is becoming more and more common thing as well as receiving payments via the Internet, so is another thing and that is NFC payments. You need to understand that NFC stands for near-field communication, and it allows two devices to exchange data at close range. To be more precise, clients can just bring their phone closer to a payment receiver, and that’s it, the customer has paid using his phone of course if there is a mobile wallet where he has funds.

Why should you consider enabling this option for your clients?

We all want to simplify things. No one wants a two or three credit cards along with a wallet full of cash and another debit card. It will soon be able to have all of those in one simple wallet which will be installed on your smartphone. You can then pay with your phone with just swiping it near the payment receiver. Due to the simplicity of this payment method, more customers will prefer to spend like this, and that is one of the main reasons why you should consider enabling it.

Another reason is that even today there are people who use this option, and you as a business must be one of the first who will enable it because that way you will give one more payment option to your customers. This also means that you will experience a significant increase in profit, which is the whole idea.

How to receive payments via NFC?

All you need to get is an NFC-based contactless pay terminal. Afterward, each of your customers must have a Google Wallet application on their smartphones where they have previously transferred fund or linked it with bank accounts and that’s it. They can just swipe it near your payment receiver, and the amount would be charged. This is a great way for you even to make payments quicker than before. Another platform that is also able to pay is iOS based Apple phone because of the ApplePay app. That is something similar to Google Wallet.


What raises many eyebrows is the safety of these payments. Whenever there is an exchange of data that means two things: either there is a two-way exchange of data where there is an interaction between two devices or one-sided when on one device pull the information for another. You can see that if programmed differently your device can be robbed easily.

A payment receiver can easily pull more money from your account or even get some private information about your bank account. This is something that crossed minds of many people but there is a solution to those problems, and it’s called SE. SE, in this case, stands for “secure element” as in completely separate chip installed in devices which have NFC.

This chip functions as if you have entered your pin or even your fingerprint and then afterward, sends that information back to the NFC. If SE doesn’t do that then, the transaction cannot be completed. This is just one of necessary precautions, but surely there will be more when this technology advances further.

To Conclude

The world is changing, and we have to adapt to those changes the best we can. This is just one little thing with which you have to deal among many others. Maybe in future everyone will be able to pay for everything with just using their fingerprint and you will have to adapt to that as well.

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