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Brief Introduction

We are always considering ourselves imperfect, and we tend to create the image in our minds of certain perfection we seek. All of us are trying to reach that goal and the level of the desired perfection. Nowadays it is achievable and thanks to the scientists that focus on this field of work, we have Nutraceutical products which can help us become better. Nutraceutical products can be used in various cases, be that increasing the functioning of mind or loss of body weight you will just need to follow the instructions on how to use them properly.

If you’re into the Nutraceutical business, then you would want to take it on the Net, because that will immensely help you to advance further and sell your products more. This will significantly increase your profit, but there are a few problems with which you have to deal, and we are here to offer our services in aiding you when it’s needed.

Problem of being a “high-risk” merchant

This is a common problem for new kind of businesses as well as those where many others in the past have conducted lots of mischiefs. When something is not entirely checked and approved then, it’s immediately considered a high-risk business on the Internet, and that puts you in a tuff position indeed. You will have a smaller number of companies that are willing to work with you, and you will need some of them.

For example, you need to set up your payment gateway to receive payment via the Internet, and not many payment processor providers are willing to work with high-risk businesses. That’s why we are here since we specialise in high-risk, and we can help you with setting up a payment processor. Our rates are a little bit different than the others companies’ but you will see that the level of security we are going to provide is priceless.

Connecting with banks

As every business needs a bank, you will also need one. You have already presumed that not many banks are going to be willing to work with you either because of your “high-risk” label. We can provide you with the opportunity to work with banks again as well. Our name has lots of credit, and when we vouch for you, it means they can trust you easily. All of this is because you need to enable your customers to pay in multiple ways, using credit or debit cards. The accent is again on increasing the volume of your income.

Dealing with Chargebacks

Another reason for you to be labelled a high-risk business is a huge amount of chargebacks. Since the Nutraceuticals is still not approved by FDA, you can’t hold the proof of products that has been purchased by your customer against them when they ask for a refund. We are pretty good at handling the chargebacks, and you will be able to continue working normally.

In The End

You need to know how to adjust and adapt to the environment if you want to succeed. The problem of being a high-risk merchant is not something that should be taken lightly. That is why we are here, to help you cope with it and continue improving your business.

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