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Paypal Alternatives for High-Risk Merchant Accounts

We know that people like looking for alternatives and if you’re a merchant, this can mean a difference between your company succeeding or going down the drain. Paypal might be the best and widely used payment processing platform in the world, but there’s a multitude of people who aren’t happy with their services and have opted elsewhere for better alternatives.

Paypal isn’t known for partnering with High-Risk businesses and that can be bothersome for some. There are some websites that operate with high-risk merchants, but there’s a chance they could turn you down if you happen to be a low-volume merchant. Others simply avoid working with merchants who have no background.

Here are some of the best alternatives to PayPal the world has to offer:

1. Payline Data

Payline Data is one of the best PayPal alternatives simply because of how good their deals are. They donate 10% of their profits from each of their clients account to a nonprofit organization of your choosing. Some of their deals include:

  • Simple (around $5,000 or less per month)
  • Pro (around $5,000 or more per month)

$5,000 is a great mark for clients because they can realize how good their business is doing by comparing their earnings with these plans. If your business makes less than $5,000, you’ll likely have to opt for the Simple plan.

Their customers support is exceptional and they’re constantly available at any time. So far, they rare receive complaints, making a them a great alternative to PayPal.

2. PayJunction

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Payjunction is another great alternative to PayPal, and they’re the type to offer monthly service. There aren’t any hidden and special fees for businesses who make under $10,000. But if your business makes more than that, you’ll pay an incurring fee of $35 per month.

There are no per-transaction fees which is great for small businesses since their check processing is at 0.75% (considered to be high for bigger businesses). They have amazing customer support, and have been praised them for their rapid response time. They’re very reliable and the likelihood of you running into any problems with them is slim to none.


While we only mentioned two alternatives to PayPal, both of them are considered to be the best in the market. These two have been tested and proven by the masses, excelling in customer satisfaction and operations. PayPal might be the best for most merchants today, but these two alternatives are also worth exploring.

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