Review of Payworks

Payworks is a Merchant Service Provider company based in Munich, Germany. The company was founded in 2012, but their platform wasn’t officially launched until 2014. Since the inception of their platform, they became the leading provider for integrated Point of Stheale solutions — in the hopes of helping merchants and customers operate at Point of Sale.

Considering that the Point of Sale environment is always changing, people have difficulty catching up with it, which is why companies like Payworks exist for assistance. The company has developed apps which help merchants integrate payment functionality into their respective Point of Sale solutions.

Its Apps

Payworks offers different versions of their apps. Their main focus is to speed up integration and take the pressure off clients clients from spending too much time integrating EMV certifications and payments. The apps work so the client will need to only integrate once with the company’s SDK — enabling the ability to work through multiple devices . This lets clients focus more on innovation and discovery instead of integration.

Their platform is also Acquirer agnostic, which means clients have access to most markets around the world. They won’t be restricted to a certain Acquirer or Processor. At the same time, they also have the flexibility to choose their preferred options.

Their APIs are easy to use and are made in such a way to contain EMV Chips & PIN in the process. Such complexity is hidden in the hopes of simplifying the process itself. Solutions that use pre-certified Payworks SDK can be used immediately and complies with all scheme regulations.

Developer Platform

Payworks offers a developer platform for developers to ensure a hassle-free transaction. This makes payment infrastructure processing a lot easier to unload any developer complexities. The Payworks SaaS platform allows for for swift and simple integration of card readers into the apps. The company promises not to dictate the tempo and all that to the client. They’ll only be available if assistance is needed.

Acquirer Solutions

Acquirers often run into problems with their customers who constantly require modern and robust Point of Sale technology. Payworks’s platform enables acquirers to use the market to their full potential while allowing control for their mobile Point of Sale application.

ISO Solutions

ISOs and PSPs are doing their business in the field, giving the merchants access to card acceptance. In turn, it allows them to run successful businesses. Payworks provides a solution for problems that are often tied to field work such as accepting card payments Taxi Drivers in London.

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