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Peptides & SARMS

Peptides are in general amino acid monomers which are linked by a peptide bond. Those short acid chains are used by our body to induce the production of the growth hormone which is already in our body, but it’s just not being released. This is a great thing for those who can’t produce that growth hormone naturally on their own.

SARMs is short for “Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator” or in other words; it’s a novel class of androgen – a compound which is usually considered to be a steroid hormone. This is something that can affect the androgen receptors of different tissues differently. The merchants that are providing these substances and products are considered to be the ones of high-risk merchants. Therefore, all of them are in need of a high-risk payment solution, and we are here to provide that to you. Here are some example of what these substances are and why are they considered high-risk merchandise.

Anabolic SARMs

Selective Androgen Receptor Modular is something that is used to substitute the use of testosterones. You are going to get pretty much the same effect, and the main thing about these androgens is that you will not get those unwanted side effects that you do from the usage of synthetic hormones.


MK-677 is also one of the growth hormone secretagogue that is used orally. The term secretagogue is being used here to imply that MK-677 is a compound that will provoke the production of the growth hormone by your body. The effects of this one can be compared to the effects of Ipamorelin and GHRP-6, but the main difference is that it doesn’t have to be injected using s syringe, and there are no side effects that are similar to those after the usage of GHRP-6.


Since the main accent of the SARMs is the selectivity of their affections, this is the one that works perfectly. The selective androgen receptor modulator that is orally used and which demonstrated the anabolic activity in the muscles, as well as the bones, is what you need if you want to increase you muscle mass and get rid of the body fat quickly and efficiently.

Ostarine or MK-2866

This is also one of the SARMs, and it is being used mainly to prevent prostate issues and hair loss problems. Another purpose of this drug was to repair muscle tissue and back when it was developed in 2009, which was one of the goals. Ostarine was a drug that soon after that because favorite supplement for bodybuilding because it has no side-effects.

Cardarine or GW-501516

This is one of the medications that interact with PPAR receptor and bind to it. The experiments have shown that the organisms that received this drug had increased fatty acid metabolism, and there was a certain protection against obesity when it comes to having a bad diet. Another effect of Cardarine is that it increases the good cholesterol and decreases the bad cholesterol.

Andarine or S-4

Andarine is also one of the SARMs, but there is the slight difference when compared to the other such drugs. It is one of the most androgenic because it has 1/3 effect like testosterone does when it comes to binding with the androgen receptor. It as the weakest there is when it comes to anabolic activity.


Nootropic Peptides

These are one of the best brain supplements there are. You will experience what you were looking for when it comes to brain supplements. Not only that it improves the work of your mind, but it also affects neurotransmitters in some way and enables you to enhance all of the cognitive skills.

Research Peptides

The research of the peptides is an imperative because this is something that we shouldn’t be meddling with, and we need to know everything about those substances and how they will interact with our bodies. We don’t want to inflict unnecessary damage on our bodies. Since there are many different types of peptides, you need to decide carefully what you need and consult the professional before you start with the usage.

HGH – Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone is something that is included in the structure of everyone’s body. Since its incredible effect on that same body, people tend to use the synthetic version of this hormone or use various substances to induce the production of this hormone by our body. It does have incredible effects on the human body, but if you overuse it, there can be unwanted side-effects.

HGH growth hormone

Experimental Peptides

Anything that is experimental is to be immediately considered very dangerous. You can’t try something like that because there is no guarantee that nothing bad will happen. The term “experimental” is used when something is not researched completely, and the effects are unknown.

To Conclude

All of those listed above can be beneficial when it comes to the human body. As it was already stated above, those of you who are selling these items need a high-risk payment gateway, and that we can provide to you. You need to be careful when using any of the drugs and medication like those and try to get some advice from the professionals. But there are no side-effects for the most. If you need a high risk merchant account in SARM’s or peptides, please contact us.

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