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Pharma Merchants

The pharmaceutical industry is growing with each day, and new medicine is being developed for various illnesses. The industry thrives thanks to the sale of meds, and while some are more expensive than others, most of the meds are available for the greater public. Being a pharma merchant isn’t easy, mostly because of the implications of each medication, as well as the process of checking the validity of each med. This is why pharma is considered a high-risk merchant business. We have many solutions for our clients in regards to the sale of medication, either online or in real life. Our solutions are mostly focused on sales online.

High-Risk business?

The unregulated sale of medications and pharmaceutical products is illegal. Without proper documentation and approval, you will not be able to sell these products in stores. However, selling them online can be beneficial to you. You will need professional advice and help if you want to make the most out of your business. We offer these high-risk payment merchant services and solutions!

Erectile Dysfunction Medication

This medication serves the purpose of helping men with erectile dysfunction regain the function of their penis. Erectile dysfunction is prevalent in males of ages from 40 upwards, but can be present in younger males as well. It’s a common problem although one that can be solved by using meds. Our company offers great solutions in the field of erectile dysfunction medication!

Antidepressant pharmaceuticals

These medications can easily be manipulated and used for purposes other than the control of depression. Due to their status and availability to patients, they are marked as high-risk in the business of selling them.

Pain pharmaceuticals

Pain pharmaceuticals can also be misused. They are used to help relieve patients of chronic pain, and there are some that are sold without prescriptions.

Blood Pressure pharmaceuticals

Due to the potential for abuse and wrongful use, these meds are also high-risk. If a person were to take too many pills, they would overdose and run into even more problems than before. You need to have permission to sell all these pharmaceuticals, which can be costly.

Oversea Pharmacy Merchants

Thanks to the status of all these pharmaceuticals, it might be best if you kept your merchant account overseas. This way you could avoid potential problems that trading with medications can bring you. Safety is a major concern for merchants as they don’t want their business shut down – we offer this safety.

Licenced & Unlicenced merchants accepted

We understand that merchants need to start somewhere, and it could be difficult for newcomers to get approved and licensed, which is why we offer the possibility of accepting new merchants and introducing them to the world of pharma trading!

Generic & Branded popular Pharma

There are certain meds which are very popular with users and belong to a special group of meds. These are generic meds (i.e., Viagra, which is used very often). If you are a merchant willing to sell these, we can help you get acquainted with these pharmaceuticals.

No Volume Cap and a Pharma Merchant Account

Our company specializes in dealing with pharma merchants, so we have a few benefits for them. The most important one is that we don’t have volume caps. Whether it’s offshore credit card processing or high-risk credit card processing, you’ll find that our credit card processing solutions are top-notch! This makes it easier for merchants to do their business. Of course, we offer pharma merchant accounts, and if you start your business with us, you can be sure that you’ll have a nice time!

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