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Are you a merchant who’s trying to get out there and make a big profit? Have you run into issues regarding marketing and making a deal with banks? Is it difficult for you to try to sell your product? If you fit the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you are most likely having problems because your business has been marked as high-risk. If you’re new to all of this, then the starting amount of information you need to know about this situation is that you won’t have an easy time. When and if you get branded as a ‘high-risk merchant,’ your life gets ten times more difficult.

Let us discuss why pharmacy merchants get branded as high-risk and how to get out of these problems – mostly by offering our services which specialise in dealing with high-risk merchants.

What is a high-risk business?

A high-risk business is a business that has a higher than usual potential for failure and because the level of chargebacks is high. Of course, there are other factors as well, such as health and safety concerns, which are the focus when it comes to Pharmacy merchants and businesses.


ED, or in other words, Erectile Dysfunction pills, are considered high-risk because there’s no certainty that the pills are safe. Merchants that sell this product aren’t usually medically certified, but they are allowed to sell.

The next problem in the line for high-risk Pharmacy merchants is the potential for financial failure. This is a major problem which these merchants face as banks get reluctant to do business with them because if a business fails financially – the bank loses a lot of money.

However, we can offer a way around this problem. You will need offshore merchant accounts – which we provide. All you need to do is contact us and leave the rest to us!

The last in the line of problems are problems regarding credit card processing. The higher the risk of financial failure, the less likely you’ll be able to contact a payment processor to acquire their services. For example, PayPal doesn’t work with high-risk merchants.

We’re a company that understands our clients as we know how difficult it can be to start your business and grow it. We offer various solutions to this problem as well. Contact us and we’ll list all the solutions that we offer to high-risk merchants.


To conclude this article we would like to say that it’s a tough world out there, but rules do need to exist. Companies like ours exist to go around those rules because we are ready to make the same risks you are making by opening a high-risk business. In this case, Pharmacy and Erectile Dysfunction pills – we have solutions for this branch of business as well. We hope that you find our services satisfactory and that your business grows and succeed!

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