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In today’s world, there are certain brands and names that stand out at the top of their respective industries. In the worlds of smartphones, fashion, design, jewelry, cosmetics, and accessories, to give just a few examples, there are certain big brands and designer names that lead the way and are known for providing the very best products.

However, these leading brands also often have high prices for their products; their impressive reputations allow them to charge a lot of money for items like watches, bracelets, T-shirts, shoes, and so on. Many people struggle to afford these items, but want to get something similar. This demand has led to the rise of the replica industry.

Replica merchan accountThe High Risk Replica Industry

Before we look at the specifics of how replica merchant accounts work and some of the challenges associated with getting them, let’s look at a brief introduction to the replica industry. Replica businesses mainly became popular during the 20th century.

Relatively basic rules and regulations at the time allowed replica companies to get away with copying big brand items and designs and selling cheaper, lower quality items to their customers that looked just like the real thing.

However, new rules introduced in the 21st century changed the game and made it much harder for replica businesses to get away with making such obvious copies of branded goods. However, even though the rules are stricter, it is still possible to operate in the replica industry in many parts of the world, but you’ll need a merchant account first.

What Is a Recurring Billing Merchant Account?

Before we look at some of the challenges associated with applying for replica merchant accounts and trying to open a replica merchant account, let’s first begin with a simple merchant account definition so you know how these accounts work and why they’re so important: a merchant account is a business account that allows you to receive electronic card payments.

In other words, a replica merchant account is necessary for any kind of replica business that wants to get paid online. So, if you’re running a replica e-shop or online store and want to make it easy for customers to pay for your replica products with their cards from the comfort of their own homes, you’ll need to have a replica merchant account to make that happen.

Difficulties Obtaining Replica Merchant Accounts

To run a replica business online in today’s world, it really is essential to have a replica merchant account. However, if you visit your local bank and request merchant accounts or services for replica businesses, you may find that they refuse to work with you. Indeed, many other payment processors and providers will also refuse to co-operate with replica businesses, so it can be very hard to get the replica merchant account you need.

Why is this? Well, part of the reason why replica businesses are shunned and categorized as “high risk” is that the replica industry has a bit of a bad reputation. Many scammers and fraudsters have infiltrated the replica world over the years and made use of replica products to trick their customers. It can be easy for scammers to pretend that replica items are authentic, confusing buyers into paying over the odds for imitation goods.

This has led to a lot of legal cases and issues over the years and tarnished the replica industry in general. So, even if you want to run a perfectly legitimate and honest replica business and be totally up-front with your customers about the nature of the goods you sell, you can still suffer when it comes to getting replica merchant accounts, due to the actions of other businesses and scammers that have operated in this industry in the past.

Another issue with the replica business is the high rate of chargebacks that many replica sellers have to deal with. Chargebacks are when customers ask for their money back from their bank or credit card company if they aren’t satisfied with their purchase, or for other reasons. This may happen if users feel that the quality levels of the replica goods they have purchased aren’t of the standard they were expecting.

In addition to all of the above, there’s also the fact that the replica industry is in a questionable “gray area” when it comes to legality. Manufacturers and brands have rights over their original creations, and, thanks to recent legislation changes, it’s easier for these big businesses to target replica companies and take action against them. This also makes it difficult to run a replica business and can make it even harder to get the replica merchant accounts you need.

Applying For A Replica Merchant Account

So, if you’re the owner of a replica business or you’re interested in starting a replica business but can’t find any bank that is willing to offer the replica merchant account you need, what are you supposed to do? Well, there’s no need to give up! There are other options out there to help you, and Shark Processing can assist you in finding those options and discovering the ideal solution for your company.

At Shark Processing, we have a lot of knowledge and experience of working with high risk businesses and helping companies get high risk merchant accounts to handle high risk payment processing. In other words, we can help you get the high risk replica merchant account you need to conduct your business without any worries.

To provide the very best levels of service for our high risk clients, we work with a myriad of trusted banks and payment processors from around the world. With our assistance, you can get a replica merchant account with the best possible rates and perfect terms to suit your situation. Give us a call today to find out more about our merchant services for replica businesses.




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