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Replica Merchants

Replica sales are considered a high-risk business due to the potential for fail. Selling replicas isn’t easy, and most people won’t buy replicas unless they like the brand on which the replica is based upon. The potential for earnings can also be great because of the availability to people with lower incomes. The demand can be high so companies can earn a lot of money. It isn’t expensive to acquire these products and sell them at a slightly higher price which enables merchants to earn quite the amount of money. Of course, because of this, it can also mean that they won’t earn enough and that the business could fail. If you’re in need of a high-risk merchant account, you can choose us!

Why is selling replicas high-risk?

Basically, merchants who are selling replica goods, or in other words – counterfeit goods, are selling a product which has a trademark. Any product that has a trademark and that’s being sold in the form of replicas is protected by the law and considered a high-risk. Simply, it’s illegal almost all over the world. However, there are ways around this, and you can end up being quite successful in this business. We are here to offer our services for your replica high-risk merchant accounts and help you make your business very successful!

Counterfeit Goods

Counterfeit goods are products which are made to resemble the original products but with a lot less quality to them. They are sold at much lower prices than originals which are because they aren’t as good. They can still be used for their purpose albeit for a shorter lifespan. We can offer services which will help you sell these goods to the consumer base!

Knock-Off Merchandise

Knock-off merchandise is an even lower quality product than counterfeit goods. These are made hastily and without much consideration for the quality. These products usually break down very fast and can’t be used anymore, however, they are incredibly cheap. If you’re looking for something that will have a one-time use, these products should be your choice. We can help you realize the sale of these items.

Replica Goods and Expensive Replica Brands

While most replicas and counterfeit goods are cheap, there are some famous replica brands which sell for much more but are also made with great care. Most people like buying this type of product form because the price and quality are great compared to each other. It’s the closest thing to real product brands. We have great sale solutions for these products!

Fake Brand Name Clothes and Fake Brand Apparel

Fake brand-name clothes and apparel is very prevalent all around the world. Regarding counterfeit goods, clothes are the most sought for. There are so many different products which are made the same way and are based on real brands that it’s impossible to count them. On rare occasions, fake brand-name clothes can last you longer than real brands! When brands set a name for themselves, they can produce products that are lower quality than the usual ones because people will buy their products anyway. So if you’re a merchant who is selling fake brand-name clothes and apparel, you might have the highest chances of success out of all these categories. We will help you reach that goal!


While it is high-risk, this type of business isn’t so hard to lead. It’s important to know where and to whom you can sell these products, but you can leave things for us. You’ll need a way to process credit cards which we also offer. We are always looking after our clients and helping them achieve greatness!

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