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Review of eMerchantBroker

This company is based in Los Angeles and specialises in providing merchant accounts for high-risk merchants. If you’re a high-risk business merchant, this company may be your saving grace, considering the fact that regular merchant account providers won’t even look at you. So just how good is this company? Let’s check out!


The company has a few issues with their marketing. Mainly, they have listed rates which are very low, around 3%. However, the problem with this is that these rates are for qualified account types while mid-qualified and non-qualified rates being different than listed. This is a case of false advertising, but after checking everything out and looking at a few customer reviews, we’ve come to the conclusion that the rates aren’t high and are rather affordable.

Services & Cost

Considering that the company specialises in doing business with high-risk merchants, prices vary greatly. On top of that, they are partnered with a few other companies which also creates a need for rates to be very flexible. In short, there’s no complete list of prices or anything similar on their website. If you start to do business with them, don’t be surprised if you keep receiving contract offers with different prices.

There haven’t been almost any customer complaints regarding the price so we come to the conclusion that they are fair when it comes to cost.

Website design

The website is gorgeous and completely clean. There aren’t any performance issues, and everything is very sharp. You can find anything you want from whichever part of the website, and it’s an enjoyment browsing through their information sections.

User friendliness

Taking into account the number of negative customer reviews (there’s only one – more about it in the next section), we come to the conclusion that the company is very user-friendly. People haven’t been complaining about this at all, and they have mentioned that customer support is polite and nice in explaining things to customers and merchants. This gives them an excellent reputation and increases the potential number of new clients.

Customer complaints

As we mentioned before, there is only one negative customer review. In the review, the person doesn’t complain about the work of the company and instead is not happy with another factor which is out of the company’s control. Even with this, the company reached out to him and helped him resolve his problem. This directly correlates with their user-friendliness and is proof that the company is highly professional.


With everything in mind, it’s obvious that this is one of the most famous and loved high-risk merchants account providers currently on the Internet. The company is professional and isn’t a scam, their customer support is incredible, the prices are not high, and their website is gorgeous. All in all, we highly recommend this company, and we hope you’ll have a great time doing business with them!

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