WAAVE Review – Everything You Need To Know

April 11, 2022

WAAVE is a payment processing service provider for high-risk industries. Initially based in Singapore, it has expanded its services to the United States. It provides credit and debit cards for in-store, online, and delivery.

The company can process payments for many industries, including CBD, hemp seeds, Kratom, and more. WAAVE doesn’t believe that there should be merchants that should face compliance hurdles. The company’s solutions help merchants in ensuring every transaction is compliant with industry regulations.

Compared to other merchant service providers, WAAVE is a cut above the rest because it has Android and iOS apps. These apps allow merchants and customers to monitor their transactions and keep up with the changes in the processing.

WAAVE has at least five different plans— WaaveComplete +, WaaveCheckout + (online), WAAVE In-store, WAAVE Multi-channel (in-store and online), and WAAVE Ultimate (in-store, online, and delivery). Merchants can choose from the different inclusions to maximize their budget.

WAAVE Merchant Services

  • Credit Card Processing

WAAVE can process all types of debit and credit cards. It allows businesses to maximize their profits and reach new markets, especially online. Companies can bring their brand globally when they can process card payments.

WAAVE merchant services


  • High-risk Payment Processing

The company specializes in high-risk payment processing. Its primary industry is CBD and hemp. These businesses can immediately start accepting credit card payments. They can even get their own merchant ID (MID). WAAVE promises that its pricing for high-risk processes is competitive and fair.

  • Invoicing

WAAVE makes it easy for merchants to send invoices and billing to customers. The recipient can quickly pay through the link, so this is the fastest way for any business to get paid. The recipient doesn’t even have to download the app. It’s a feature that merchants think will benefit their businesses.

WAAVE Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

WAAVE publishes its fees and pricing on the website. It categorized its pricing schemes into high-volume merchants ($50,000 or more a month in sales) and startup merchants (under $50,000 a month in sales).

The transaction fees are as follows for high-volume merchants:

  • CBD – 4% plus $0.30
  • “Cash-only” stores​ / delivery – 4.9% plus $0.40
  • Hemp seeds & Kratom – 6% plus $0.50
  • “High-risk adjacent” services    – 3.5% plus $0.30

For startup merchants, the fees are as follows:

  • CBD –    4.9% plus $0.50
  • “Cash-only” stores​ / delivery -5.9% plus $0.50
  • Hemp seeds & Kratom​ – 6.5% plus $0.50
  • “High-risk adjacent” services    – 3.9% plus $0.50

WAAVE fees

The company has at least five different packages. You can pick one that’s right for your business:

  • WaaveCheckout + – $25/month plus $100/month for compliance
  • WaaveComplete + – $75/month plus $100/month for compliance
  • WAAVE In-store – $50/month plus $100/month for compliance
  • WAAVE Multichannel – $125/month plus $100/month for compliance
  • WAAVE Ultimate  – $140/month plus $100/month for compliance

Additional Fees – Other fees include the $100 a month for WAAVE compliance subscription. This is required for both accounts.

Hidden Charges – WAAVE said it doesn’t have any hidden charges.

WAAVE Complaints

The company doesn’t have any complaints, though there are some bad reviews about its customer service.

  • Rip Off Reports – There are no rip-off reports about WAAVE.
  • Other Complaints – There are no other complaints about WAAVE.


    WAAVE BBB Rating

    WAAVE is not rated and accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which covers the United States, Mexico, and Canada. It gives ratings between A+ and F based on customer reviews. Many merchants see the need to check a company’s legitimacy and reputation via the BBB website.

    BBB Reviews

    WAAVE is not listed on the BBB website. Therefore, there are no complaints or reviews about it.

    Is WAAVE Legitimate?

    WAAVE is a widely used payment processing method in Singapore and the United States. High-risk merchants trust this payment method because it is compliant with safety regulations. Also, it has an app that makes services more accessible for customers.

    According to ScamAdviser, WAAVE’s website has an average to good trust score. It noted the valid SSL certificate of the site and the payment methods that allow consumers to get their money back. The only negative thing ScamAdviser has to say about WAAVE’s website is that it has a high Alexa rank despite being relatively young.

    The company even has an Android and iOS app. It is also active on Facebook with more than 5,900 followers.

    • Scams – There are no reported scams about WAAVE. ScamAdviser said it is safe to browse its website.
    • Lawsuits – There are no reported lawsuits against WAAVE.

    WAAVE review

    WAAVE Customer Reviews

    WAAVE doesn’t publish client testimonials on its website. It also doesn’t have any Google reviews. It has 10 reviews on Facebook with a rating of 4.6 out of 5.

    Most of the clients who left a comment on the company’s Facebook page recommended WAAVE because of its live chat help and expansive coverage. The clients said the tool and app are both fantastic. Plus, WAAVE made them feel comfortable so much that they do not bring their wallets anymore. Another customer said that the app gets better with every new version.

    There was only one negative comment against the company. The customer said he had a horrible experience with WAAVE because of its lousy customer service. However, the company reached out to the customer and asked him to send formal feedback via email.


    WAAVE is a payment processor and merchant services provider that you can trust. Although its website doesn’t say much, it is active on Facebook and other online forums. Common review sites also talked about the excellent services of the company.

    Many customers feel that WAAVE should already go global with its services. If you are looking for a high-risk payment processing service provider, you can include WAAVE on your list.

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