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Shark Processing has established itself as a premier service provider catering to high-risk merchants since 2016. As an esteemed Independent Sales Organization, we forge direct partnerships with reputable banks and payment service providers, ensuring access to a wide network of industry-leading resources.

Our unwavering commitment is to secure the most advantageous rates tailored to your specific industry, corporate history, and director information. It is paramount to collaborate with a diligent payment partner that possesses the requisite experience, extensive connections, and profound expertise to deliver optimal rates, favorable terms, and comprehensive solutions for your business.

However, our role extends far beyond securing competitive rates. We take pride in our comprehensive support, which encompasses ongoing account monitoring, robust fraud prevention measures, seamless payments and gateway support, and comprehensive assistance encompassing all aspects of your high-risk merchant account.

At Shark Processing, we distinguish ourselves through our unrivaled dedication to providing exceptional service. Our team takes great pride in delivering prompt, efficient, and personalized service, setting new standards in the industry. We invite you to apply with us now or reach out to explore the breadth of our high-risk payment options.

High-Risk Domestic Credit Card Processing

While Shark Processing LLC used to deal with aggregate credit card processors in the past, this is no longer the case. Our domestic solutions are based in the United States and offer direct MIDs for merchants. We work with multiple banks, which gives various options depending on industry type.

When you onboard with us, you get more than a high-risk payment processing partner. We follow up with our merchants and treat them as family. As a member of the Shark Processing family, you will certainly have a warm call with our principal, Shawn Sullivan, who will make you feel at home.

High-Risk ACH Processing

In 2021, we rolled out our domestic high-risk ACH system. ACH is an excellent option for merchants in industries where traditional domestic high-risk credit card processing is not applicable. There are fewer regulations with domestic high-risk ACH accounts because they are not governed by card brand rules (Visa, MC etc.)

What makes our ACH platform unique is its aggregate aspect of it. In credit card processing, aggregate is terrible (you want a direct MID), but “aggregate” is excellent with ACH. Aggregate in ACH means the ACH payments are cleared at the bank (and transferred to you). For this reason, you don’t have to clear the checks in your account and risk a bank closure.

Our high-risk ACH platform has an excellent in-built fraud detection system and an advanced backend system to process refunds and manage blacklisting and reprocessing checks.

SharkPay – Crypto to Fiat

SharkPay Crypto is our most recent offering, rolled out in January 2023. This system is exciting and available to all merchants across the globe. What is unique about SharkPay Crpyo is the crypto-to-fiat aspect. Customers can pay in over 120+ cryptocurrencies, and the funds are held in stablecoin (USDC), meaning you don’t have to worry about conversion fees.

Merchants can opt to get paid out in multiple currencies through SharkPay Crypto. On the customer-facing side, SharkPay is beautiful, which an enhanced checkout experience that customers love.

A Solution for All

Let Shark Processing be your new high-risk payment processing partner. We are here to help beat rates and give you the best solution. Our company continues to grow and expand, and we will never stop striving to bring better banking solutions and better services to our merchants.

Trust us; when you switch to us, you are not just a number but a family member. We even send personalized Christmas Gifts to our loyal merchants. We will never stop working for you; we will let you know if we can get better rates on new solutions. Our company will always be idle and continually try for the best rates and services.

Best service

Who we are

Shark Processing is a high risk payment processing company serving a variety of verticals. We work with a number of US-based and International acquirers.

  • We accept most high-risk industries
  • Domestic and offshore solutions available
  • Multiple high-risk payment options
  • Quick merchant account approvals

Our company goal is to provide the best services and place merchants in tried and tested solutions with various high-risk banks. Our main goal is to get our merchants the best rates and safest solutions in their respective industry.

Trust-Worthy Company

Let us work for you


Our team can provide knowledge prior to filling out your application and offer post-boarding support along the way. This includes negotiating better rates and terms even after you are processing.


Let us guide you through the process. Losing your processing can be one of the most frustrating and stressful situations as a business owner. If there is a banking solution out there for your industry, we will connect you with it.


Our application only takes a few minutes. Fill out the pre-application to get matched with the best banking partners. We will work to get you up and running as quick as possible on the best solution available.


When looking at your vertical and business history, we will work to negotiate the best rate with your banking partner. We value long term accounts and will work with you post-boarding to negotiate better rates.

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Trust-Worthy Company

Our philosophy

We value good merchants who have been unfairly placed in a high-risk space due to the nature of their business. We do an evaluation of the risk level based on the business type and business history of the merchant. If we can accept your business type, you will be assigned an account representative who will be in touch with you over the life of your account.

For us, its not about a quick placement but rather a safe placement for our valued high-risk merchants. If a banking placement is new or a risk, we let our merchants know. Transparency and honestly is the code we live by. We value the long term relationships we have with merchants. Your assigned representative will carefully monitor your account and contact the bank on your behalf to negotiate a better rate if it is available. Our accounts are not about setting and forgetting, but rather the long term partnership with the business owner.

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Our experienced team is ready to guide you through the process of applying for a merchant account.


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