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Shark Processing was founded to offer high-risk merchants solutions to their processing problems. Our company provides payment processing to high-risk industries and we currently work with trusted banking partners sprinkled across the globe.

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  • No set up fees for most merchants.
  • Solutions for nearly every industry
  • Trusted and tested banking partners

Our company goal is to provide the best services and place merchants in tried and tested solutions with various high-risk banks. Our main goal is to get our merchants the best rates and safest solutions in their respective industry. We work with some of the best payment providers in the industry that have longstanding trust.

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We value good merchants who have been unfairly placed in a high-risk space due to the nature of their business. We do an evaluation of the risk level based on the business type and business history of the merchant. Good merchants are valued and placed with our tried and tested banking partners.

For us, its not about a quick placement but rather a safe placement for our valued high-risk merchants. Other resellers and ISOs often do not care about you as a merchant and are frequently out to make a “quick buck”. We instead value the long-term relationship with our valued merchants and only offer solutions that are tried and trusted.

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