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About Us

Shark Processing is a high risk payment processing company serving a variety of verticals. We work with a number of US-based and International acquirers.

  • Solutions for most high-risk industries
  • Domestic (US) and offshore solutions
  • No set up fees for most merchants.
  • Quick approvals

Our company goal is to provide the best services and place merchants in tried and tested solutions with various high-risk banks. Our main goal is to get our merchants the best rates and safest solutions in their respective industry.

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Our team can provide knowledge prior to filling out your application and offer post-boarding support along the way. This includes negotiating better rates and terms even after you are processing.


Let us guide you through the process. Losing your processing can be one of the most frustrating and stressful situations as a business owner. If there is a banking solution out there for your industry, we will connect you with it.


Our application only takes a few minutes. Fill out the pre-application to get matched with the best banking partners. We will work to get you up and running as quick as possible on the best solution available.


When looking at your vertical and business history, we will work to negotiate the best rate with your banking partner. We value long term accounts and will work with you post-boarding to negotiate better rates.

Our Philosophy

We value good merchants who have been unfairly placed in a high-risk space due to the nature of their business. We do an evaluation of the risk level based on the business type and business history of the merchant. If we can accept your business type, you will be assigned an account representative who will be in touch with you over the life of your account.

For us, its not about a quick placement but rather a safe placement for our valued high-risk merchants.  If a banking placement is new or a risk, we let our merchants know. Transparency and honestly is the code we live by. We value the long term relationships we have with merchants. Your assigned representative will carefully monitor your account and contact the bank on your behalf to negotiate a better rate if it is available. Our accounts are not about setting and forgetting, but rather the long term partnership with the business owner.



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