High-Risk Merchant Accounts

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High-Risk Credit Card Processing

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  • We accept most high-risk industries
  • We work with the best and most trusted banks
  • Domestic and offshore solutions available
  • Ultra-low credit card processing rates
  • Multiple high-risk payment options
  • Excelling merchant support team
  • Quick merchant account approvals
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High-Risk Payment Processing

If you are struggling to find a high-risk merchant account for your business, then look no further. At Shark Processing we work with partner banks and financial institutions in the United States and across the globe. Our team of high-risk payment processing experts can help guide you in finding the best option for your business.

Our team understands the frustrating experience of having your merchant account terminated due to your banking relationship not accepting or changing their stance on your business type. We are the high-risk payment experts, whether that be high-risk credit card payments or ACH solutions.

As you may very well know, high-risk credit card processing accounts with favorable terms are often hard to come by. This often involves steep rates and unfavorable payment terms. What’s more, may ISO’s mark up these services and get paid extra for doing so. We are very reasonable with our rates and can give discounts by volume even after a merchant has boarded with us. Our team is in business for the long-haul and we want to win you over as a loyal customer for life.

We negotiate the best arrears, reserves (if any at all) discount rate and fees on behalf of our high-risk merchants. Our high-risk payment specialists can also advise you on future banking options that may suit your high-risk business as they become available.

Many merchants try to skate around high-risk credit card processing fees by committing merchant banking fraud. This is against the law and often results in criminal charges. This is why it is especially important to have a high-risk processing specialist giving you the right advice. Here at Shark Processing, we will ensure that you have the best advice with the best terms on high-risk payment and credit card processing accounts.

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Our team understands the frustration of filling out application after application only to be hit be nasty payout terms and fees. We also understand the frustration of not having payment processing with your high-risk business. Every day you are down is lost revenue and trust for your brand. Do not make a hasty decision and choose the best high risk payment account experts at Shark Processing.

Our pre-application takes less than 3 minutes to complete. We get back to all merchants with the prospective solutions quickly (most often same business-day). Our goal is to get you up and processing safely and securely as quick as possible. So, what are you waiting for? Fill out a pre-application now.