High-Risk Payment Processing

Shark Processing - High Risk Payment Solutions
At Shark Processing we know everything high risk payments. If you are struggling to find a merchant account due to your industries risk, then look no further. We are the high-risk merchant experts that can help you no matter your industry.

Usually, your industry will fall into the high-risk category for multiple reasons. It may not feel fair, but the acquiring banks make the final call and carefully evaluate their risk along every step of the way. Our team of high-risk payment processing experts has connections with domestic US and offshore banks that are willing to serve most industries.

Don’t get caught working with a lazy broker or ISO. We have a team of experts who have a range of payment solutions for every industry. Shark Processing has direct relationships with the banks and ISO’s who service the high-risk industries. With these connections and the volume of merchants we board, we are able to negotiate the best terms and rates for you.

Shark Processing only works with the best high-risk payment processing solutions. At the end of the day, we only get paid when you get paid, so we put a large focus on working with solutions that will have the most longevity in your industry.


High-Risk Industries Supported



Jewelry has always been an integral part of culture, with items of jewelry meaning a lot to the people who wear them. A wedding or engagement ring, for example, can hold special significance for a couple, while necklaces, earrings, and bracelets given as gifts or passed down through families can also be immensely important for people of all ages.


Kratom is emerging as an increasingly popular natural health and wellness product, but the kratom industry is still seen as high risk. So, in order to set up a successful kratom business, you’ll need to have a reliable kratom merchant account. This is what will allow you to be able to receive payments online from your customers safely and securely.

Payday Loan

There are many situations in life in which people need to borrow some extra money. They might need it to cover unexpected costs like car repairs, for example, or simply to pay off their rent and other bills before their regular paycheck arrives. When money is needed quickly, many people turn to payday loans providers.

Penny Auction

There’s a lot of money to be made in penny auctions, but in order to succeed in this industry, you need the right penny auction merchant account to help with digital payment processing. These kinds of accounts can be difficult to obtain, due to the relative “high risk” nature of the penny auction business.


Payment processing for subscription merchants can be a complicated process, as your payments will almost exclusively be collected online. This means that you’ll need a subscription merchant account in order to facilitate those payments. Getting a subscription merchant account with a regular bank can be a challenge, but Shark Processing can make the process much easier.