DirectPayNet Review – Everything You Need To Know

December 24, 2021

DirectPayNet is a merchant account provider specializing in payment solutions for high-risk businesses. It focuses on clients rejected by traditional banks and payment providers. The company’s services include ACH payment processing, recurring billing, and fraud prevention. The company also specializes in regulations and legal requirements in different territories. It uses this knowledge to help businesses operate in new markets. It covers transactions from the US, Europe, Canada, and offshore jurisdictions. Here is an in-depth review of DirectPayNet’s services, rates, and credentials.

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Directpaynet logoDirectPayNet considers itself an expert in high-risk merchant accounts. It provides payment solutions for businesses in need of high-risk payment processing. As seen on its website, the company aims to address their business needs with these goals in mind:

  • Reduction of chargebacks and payment refunds
  • Risk management and fraud prevention
  • Maximization of conversions and revenue
  • Adherence to legal and compliance standards

It guarantees a fast and hassle-free application through its website. Businesses can submit the following information to schedule a call with their agents.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Business website
  • Monthly sales
  • Phone number or Skype ID

Services Offered by DirectPayNet

Below is a list of services offered by DirectPayNet.


Credit card and debit card payment processing : DirectPayNet’s merchant account services include credit and debit card transactions. Merchants can accept and process the following payment methods:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • AMEX
  • Diners Club
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Solo/Switch
  • Interac
  • European debit solutions

ACH and check payment processing : It also helps merchants accept ACH and check payments. Normally, payments go through banks, credit card issuers, and payments processors. This slows down fund transfers. With ACH payments, merchants can enjoy bank-to-bank transactions through the ACH network. This improved speed also applies to check payments. This method ensures fast fund transfers from customers to merchants.

Directpaynet services

Mail order/telephone order (MOTO) : DirectPayNet is also capable of accepting mail and telephone orders. It helps merchants process these payments efficiently. It starts with encoding the customer’s credit card information into the merchant portal. The company’s system will then proceed to payment processing.

Recurring billing : The company also provides recurring payment collections for merchants. This is a customizable payment scheme for businesses offering subscriptions. Merchants can automatically charge customers based on a fixed schedule.

Offshore merchant accounts : Another service offered by DirectPayNet is offshore merchant accounts. The company is up-to-date on regulations and legalities in different jurisdictions. With this knowledge, it helps businesses open up shop in other territories. They can attract more customers and transact with ease.


Risk mitigation solutions : DirectPayNet provides merchants with solutions to manage risk and maximize profit. These include:

  • Minimizing chargebacks, fees, and refunds
  • Detecting fraudulent transactions
  • Proposing the best gateway to prevent fraud

Consulting services : The company takes pride in helping merchants with other vital business aspects. It offers consulting services for the following business needs:

  • Setting up an incorporation
  • Opening an international merchant account
  • Legal requirements needed in these steps

Reliable support : Merchants can also rely on the company’s technical support and reliable service. They have access to the company’s agents any time they need it. That way, merchants can focus on growing their businesses.

Rates of DirectPayNet

DirectPayNet customizes its rates depending on the merchant. It will understand your business needs before proposing a payment structure. The company works with acquiring banks and ACH providers to ensure competitive rates. For added convenience, the company offers a free price analysis for interested businesses. This will allow merchants to see how they can profit through the company’s services. The analysis includes a comparison of rates versus their existing provider.

High-Risk Industries Served by DirectPayNet

Below is a list of high-risk merchant accounts offered by DirectPayNet. Its website provides a detailed description of the ways it can help each industry.

  • Adult Merchant Account : The company’s founder, Maria Sparagis, has extensive knowledge in the adult entertainment industry. She understands government regulations and online payment requirements. This gives her the confidence to handle businesses in this industry.
  • Business Opportunity Merchant Account : This merchant account is for real estate, investment, and online marketing companies. They are considered high-risk due to their high-value products and sales volume. These make them prone to fraudulent activities. DirectPayNet offers help through customized and compliant payment solutions.
  • Coaching Merchant Account : This type of merchant account is offered to professionals in the coaching industry. These professions may include personal trainers, financial advisors, hypnotherapists, psychologists, and personal development specialists. Merchant accounts for these businesses include payment processing services and recurring billing systems.
  • Forex Merchant Account : DirectNetPay’s knowledge of regulatory standards helps foreign exchange brokers. The company helps these businesses set up a standards-compliant website.

Directpaynet industries

  • Dating Merchant Account : This type of merchant account is for dating, matchmaking, and seduction websites. The company offers these businesses offshore merchant accounts and unique payment models. These specialized accounts and payment structures also help in minimizing fraud and chargebacks.
  • Digital Product Merchant Account : The company claims to have long-standing relationships with e-learning companies and business academies. This allows them to understand the requirements of selling digital products online.
  • E-Cigarette Merchant Account : DirectPayNet’s expertise in regulatory compliance is extended to e-cigarette merchants. The company helps them ensure legal and secure transactions anywhere in the world.
  • High-Ticket Merchant Account : The company also offers a special merchant account for businesses selling high-ticket items. This includes high-end designer items, rare collector’s items, and exclusive events. DirectPayNet offers payment solutions for these businesses, as long as they have a processing history of at least three to six months.
  • Nutraceutical Merchant Account : Nutraceutical businesses sell herbal nootropics, oral homeopathic treatments, nutritional supplements, and skincare products such as lotions. Services for these merchants include payment processing and flexible payment options.
  • Subscription Merchant Account : DirectPayNet also works with subscription services and products in Canada, the US, and Europe. The company’s recurring billing service can be customized to fit the needs of different business models.
  • Vacation Rental Merchant Account : DirectPayNet provides merchant accounts for vacation or rental properties. These businesses are subject to chargebacks, local regulations and taxes, and payment refunds. The company can customize special payment solutions to address all these complexities.

Reputation and Reviews of DirectPayNet

DirectPayNet’s lean team is made up of industry experts and professionals with years of experience. It sees this as an advantage in crafting the best payment solutions for businesses. Apart from credentials on its website, it does not have independent reviews.



DirectPayNet offers specialized payment processing services for high-risk merchants. It also offers solutions for merchants looking to expand to new markets. Although it is a small company, its members are experts in the field. This helps them take a professional approach with merchants. The company continues to be hands-on in meeting a variety of unique business needs.

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