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Many people make use of glass smoking products and drug paraphernalia every day, including the likes of pipes and bongs, and there’s plenty of money to be made in the glass industry. However, in order to succeed in this business, you’ll need to have a glass merchant account. This guide will cover all you need to know about glass merchant accounts and how to get a glass merchant account.

But before we look into the details of glass merchant accounts and how they work, let’s first focus on a brief introduction to the world of glass products for smoking. Glass has been a crucial material for the world of drugs and smoking for many years now, famed for its clean, versatile nature and ability to be crafted into various shapes and colors.

Glass pipe and bong makers can do a lot with glass, creating all sorts of different glass smoking products. Demand for these products is exceptionally high right now, especially with many rules and restrictions regarding smoking starting to be relaxed. Thanks to this, it’s easier than ever to set up a glass business and start selling glass hookahs, pipes, and more, with the help of your own glass merchant account.


The High-Risk Glass Industry

Smoke stores and vape shops have been around for years, but in recent times, the popularity of these places has skyrocketed, and many businesses have also moved online, selling things like glass pipes and bongs to people from around the world. In short, the glass paraphernalia business is booming right now, so it’s a great time to get involved.

The development of vaping has been a big factor in helping to make glass products more popular and accessible to a wider audience, too, as well as the fact that more people are using products like CBD oil, cannabis extracts, e-cigarettes, and so on. With wider interest in smoking and drugs, there are more people out there looking for glass goods such as bongs and hookahs.

Thanks to this, there’s lots of money to be made in the world of glass bongs and pipes, especially for shrewd and savvy entrepreneurs who know how to market their brands properly and succeed in e-retail. However, if you want to enjoy true success selling pipes and bongs, you’ll need to have your own glass merchant account, so let’s find out more about how they work.

What Is a Glass Merchant Account?

Before we look at how to get your own glass merchant account, it’s important to understand what these accounts actually are and how they work. The first step of the process is making sure that you have a clear and thorough understanding of what a merchant account is in general and why so many modern businesses need merchant accounts.

Merchant accounts are used by all sorts of businesses that receive a lot of electronic card payments, such as online stores and retailers. The merchant account effectively makes it possible for online payments to be processed and received. In other words, if you don’t have a merchant account, you won’t be able to receive payments from your customers electronically.

So, you can see just how important a merchant account can be in today’s modern world, where so many sales are happening electronically and remotely. This is especially true in the world of smoking, vaping, and drug paraphernalia, such as glass pipes and bongs, as many people like to shop for these goods online, and you need your own glass merchant account to accept their payments.

Difficulties Obtaining Glass Merchant Accounts

So, if you want to get involved with the world of glass pipes and hookahs these days, it’s so crucial to have your own glass merchant account. However, you might encounter some difficulties and issues when trying to open one of these accounts. Why? Well, it’s all due to the fact that any business involved with smoking or drug paraphernalia will inevitably be regarded as “high risk”.

Even though rules around smoking and drug use are being relaxed and attitudes are changing towards these kinds of products, there are still lots of taboos and negative associations connected with things like pipes, hookahs, and bongs. So, if you run a business that sells these products, many banks may not want to work with you and won’t provide the glass merchant accounts you need to get started.

In addition, because of the fact that laws are always changing in the world of drugs and smoking, businesses like glass shops and smoke stores need to be proactive and adaptable. They need to be able to adjust their business strategies and inventories to meet strict laws and regulations, and this can lead to other issues that banks prefer to avoid.

There’s also the matter of chargebacks. A chargeback is when a cardholder asks for their money back after paying for something with their credit card, usually online. They might do this for various reasons, such as an accidental order or if someone else used their card. Chargebacks happen a lot in the glass industry, causing even more hassle for banks to deal with.

Apply For A Glass Merchant Account

So, you can see the dilemma here: you need to get your own glass merchant account if you want to run a business offering glass pipes and bongs, but most banks will refuse to give you the account you need. So what can you do to get a high-risk glass merchant account for all your high-risk payment processing? Well, that’s where Shark Processing comes into play.

At Shark Processing, we’re experts in high-risk credit card processing, and we work together with high-risk businesses like yours to help you get the accounts and services you need. We’ve built up a trusted network of payment providers and partner banks who are willing to give you a glass merchant account, and our expert advisors can guide you towards the perfect one.


So, if you’re tired of being rejected by the banks all around you, get in touch with the Shark Processing team. We’re here to help, and we’ll be glad to assist you in finding your ideal glass merchant account.


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