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Who doesn’t want to boost their brain power? Formerly only relevant among the aged and challenged, the nootropic industry is presently valued at over $10 billion. Expected to increase in size and value over the next few years, this industry has become a thriving atmosphere for budding brands and businesses to take root.

Even the smallest contenders get their fair share of attention by operating online. But hitting the eCommerce scene also means having to secure a nootropic merchant account. And because of the high risk associated with nootropics, setting up a high-risk merchant account often gets in the way of business.

What are High-Risk Merchants?

First things first — what is a high-risk merchant account? These specialized bank accounts are granted solely to high-risk businesses and open up the possibility of accepting digital payments. This can happen both in-store and online and works to provide customers with accessible, convenient payment options.

Unfortunately, merchant accounts come with loads of red tape. Costly to maintain and prone to chargebacks, these accounts get granted only to merchants that can prove their capability to minimize card issuers’ and banks’ losses.

Thus most conventional, traditional merchant acquirers avoid partnering up with high-risk merchants that could risk payment reversals initiated by customers. And while some of them might agree to work with high-risk merchants, they’ll impose heavy fines and difficult contract terms that make it tough for merchants to toe the line.

They do this to guarantee that high-risk merchants do their part in exercising all resources to prevent chargebacks and to keep up with fees, charges, and penalties. But in doing so, they also place an unnecessary burden on merchants, making it difficult for them to grow their businesses.

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What Makes a Merchant High Risk?

Numerous factors come into play when banks and acquirers calculate a business’s risk. And while every institution might use its own measures and arithmetic, the factors they consider mostly stay the same.

These include:

LocationWithin the US, EU, Canada, Japan, or AustraliaEverywhere else
Average transaction costUnder $500More than $500
Average monthly revenueUnder $20,000Over $20,000
Transaction typeCard presentCard not present
Payment schemeOne-timeSubscription or recurring
Credit ratingPoorHigh
IndustryLow riskHigh risk

Why are Nootropics High Risk?

Conventional merchant acquirers tend to avoid nootropics because it’s perceived as a high-risk industry. But why exactly? According to sources, nootropic businesses have a uniquely higher risk of experiencing chargebacks versus businesses operating in industries like apparel and furniture.

A chargeback happens when a customer reverses a transaction and requests to have their money returned to their account for any reason they deem necessary. 

Once put in place to protect cardholders and reassure them of the safety guarantees of using cards to pay for their transactions, many businesses today perceive chargebacks as friendly fraud because no one can contest customers who initiate the process.

Nootropics receive significantly more chargebacks than other industries in low and moderate-risk categories because of the nature of the products. Every person will respond differently to nootropics. It’s unregulated and effects and benefits aren’t always guaranteed.

Of course, there are tons of reputable, reliable brands out there that deliver above and beyond the promises they make. But there are an equal number of nootropic businesses that make a reputation out of setting high expectations and then failing to meet them.

When this happens, customers have the option to request a chargeback. This process entails loads of fees from merchants to card issuers and everyone in between. And because chargebacks spell losses for every player, merchant acquirers heavily penalize high-risk merchants with increased chargeback risks.

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Do You Need a Nootropic Merchant Account?

Every business that wants to maintain relevance in today’s highly competitive nootropic market would do well to secure a high-risk merchant account. But how exactly does it benefit brands in the here and now?

Here are a few advantages you can expect:

  • Cashless payment options – Without a nootropic high-risk merchant account, you’d be stuck accepting payments in just cash. Sure, that might seem practical and sufficient, but imagine all of the people shopping online or the customers who shop in-store but prefer to pay with a card.

Customers have strongly held preferences when it comes to payment options. And if you don’t offer the choices most accessible and convenient to them, there’s probably a nootropic store down the block (or on the web) that does.

  • Wider reach – Accepting payments in just cash limits you to the consumer base within your immediate locality. After all — how could online customers make payments if you only accept cold hard cash?

A high-risk nootropic merchant account means you can provide your products to anyone with internet access. The ability to take digital payments expands your reach and opens your business to international customers.

  • Competition – Almost every nootropic business these days offers digital payments as a payment method. If you’re the only guy that doesn’t, then you’re immediately dropped from the list of viable vendors to patronize.

Keeping in tune with other nootropic vendors helps make sure you’re not lagging behind. Offering a diverse range of payment options gives customers fewer reasons to leave your store in favor of other businesses that offer greater convenience.

How to Open a High-Risk Nootropic Merchant Account

With traditional banks, the whole process can be a pain in the neck. But at Shark Processing, it’s as simple as one, two, or three. Simply send in a pre-application form, wait for our call, and get your approval. Fast, easy, and guaranteed placement that eliminates the legwork.

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