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More and more people, especially athletes and bodybuilders, are taking an interest in Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, otherwise known as SARMs. In response, many businesses out there are starting to offer SARMs for sale. However, if you want to sell SARMs commercially, you’ll need a SARMs merchant account. This guide will cover all you need to know about SARMs merchant accounts.

But before we look at what a SARMs merchant account actually is and how these accounts work, let’s first look at a brief introduction to SARMs in general. As stated earlier, SARM stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. SARMs are a type of drug with many noted similarities to anabolic steroids. They’re not identical to steroids, but they have a lot in common with them. 

They work by binding to androgen receptors in the body, leading to alterations in a person’s DNA that can trigger rapid muscle growth. The big difference here is that steroids have a range of other side effects, such as affecting the prostate or causing acne. SARMs, meanwhile, are more selective in the way they function, targeting the muscles without triggering all sorts of other side effects elsewhere around the body.


From this, it’s easy to see why SARMs are becoming so popular. So what’s the catch? Well, the main issue is that SARMs are still pretty new and widely unregulated, with none of them being officially approved for human consumption or use. This means that SARM businesses have a lot of challenges to overcome, and getting a SARMs merchant account can be very difficult. 

The High-Risk SARMs Industry

These days, there are many people who want to look after their bodies, train hard physically and mentally, and push themselves to the peak of performance. And there are various products, from supplements to steroids, that can assist in this process, helping with muscle growth and development and aiding people in hitting their own personal targets.

This is why SARMs have become so popular; they’re able to offer rapid muscle growth and development without the same risks as anabolic steroids. At the same time, they do have several risks of their own to take into account, and this is why it can be quite a challenge for businesses to sell them and for people to buy them.

For now, SARMs are prohibited for professional athletes and those who intend to compete athletically at a recreational level, too, but they’re still available and legal to buy in certain circumstances. In addition, it’s possible that, in the future, SARMs could be used in the medical world to treat muscle-wasting diseases and conditions. In other words, the SARM industry is set to grow and evolve in the years to come.

What Is a SARMs Merchant Account?

So what exactly is a SARMs merchant account? And why is a SARMs merchant account so essential for SARMs businesses? Well, to understand that, we first need to know what a merchant account is and how it works; in simple terms, a merchant account is a business account that makes it possible for a business to accept and receive electronic payments, such as online card payments.


In other words, a SARMs merchant account is needed for any business that wants to be able to receive money from customers remotely, be it over the phone, or online. When a customer makes a payment like this, which is technically known as a card-not-present transaction, the money goes from their account into the merchant account for processing before continuing on to the main business account.

It’s impossible to safely receive electronic card payments without a SARMs merchant account, and this is hugely important for the SARMs industry. Why? Well, in today’s world, most people shop for supplements and drugs online, so most SARMs purchases are being bought and paid for remotely. SARMs merchant accounts help to make this all a possibility.

Difficulties Obtaining SARMs Merchant Accounts

It’s clear to see that if you want to run a successful SARMs business, you need to apply for a SARMs merchant account in order to receive payments from your customers and keep up with the competition. However, if you speak to your local bank or financial institution and ask for a SARMs merchant account, it’s highly likely that you’ll be rejected.

Why? It’s because SARMs businesses are part of a high-risk industry, connected with high-risk credit card processing, and regarded as too dangerous for most banks and merchant services to work with. There are plenty of high-risk industries out there, and if you’re running a high-risk business with high-risk credit card processing, getting a merchant account can seem almost impossible.

One of the main reasons why SARMs merchant accounts are so hard to obtain is because of the lack of regulation for SARMs at the moment. In the current climate, SARMs are not officially regulated or recommended for use among the general public, and they’re also a banned substance for anyone who wants to compete in any kind of athletic or sporting competition.

Because of this, many banks don’t want to associate with an industry that is seen as a little risky and unproven at the moment. Plus, there’s a higher risk of chargebacks for businesses selling products like SARMs, too, as some people might buy them and then not be satisfied with the results or might want their cashback for other reasons. All of this can make it really hard to get a SARMs merchant account.

Applying For A SARMs Merchant Account

Since so many banks and payment processors don’t want to deal with the high-risk payment processing of SARMs companies, it can feel like a major challenge when you first set up a SARMs business and need to get your own SARMs merchant account. Fortunately, Shark Processing is here to help with that.

At Shark Processing, we understand the risks and issues that high-risk businesses like yours have to cope with, and we work hard to make the whole process easier. We have years of experience and expertise on the subject of high-risk merchant accounts, working with many high-risk companies and helping them get the merchant accounts they need.

We can help you obtain your SARMs merchant account without any unnecessary hassle or inconvenience, with competitive rates, fair fees, and the finest levels of service for every account holder. Get in touch with the Shark Processing team today to learn more about what we can do for you.


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