SeamlessChex Review

May 25, 2022

SeamlessChex offers a wide range of payment services. While e-check payment processing is its specialty, it also offers credit card processing through its SeamlessMerchant service. It is a full-featured solution for e-commerce, retail, and mobile businesses. It includes POS terminals, shopping cart integrations, mobile software, and more.

Learn more about SeamlessChex through this comprehensive review.


SeamlessChex caters to nearly all business types and industries, including those considered high-risk. Its SeamlessMerchant solution provides secure credit card processing. Merchants will benefit from transparent pricing, interchange optimization, and more. It also provides the lowest possible rates for both new and existing businesses.

Interested merchants can apply through an online form. You can also request a free savings analysis through the website. The company guarantees fast approvals and onboarding.




SeamlessChex Services

Here is a quick overview of merchant services offered by SeamlessChex.

E-check Processing

E-check processing is SeamlessChex’s forte. It offers two solutions – Paynote and Seamless Chex.

Paynote allows merchants to send and receive checks online. Through the software, you will be able to send payment details to your customer. They will continue the process by clicking the link and entering their bank info. The check is then processed, and payment is credited to your account. Checks go through the ACH network. This means faster funding and next-day transfers.

The second solution, Seamless Chex, enables you to accept checks online via direct bank deposit. Your customers simply input their check information, which is then verified by SeamlessChex. You can access the platform online or set it up through a secure hosted payment page.

Merchant Accounts

Apart from e-check solutions, the company also offers a SeamlessMerchant service. It is an all-in-one credit card processing solution for low-risk and high-risk businesses.


To start processing payments, the company will provide you with a merchant account. This service is for high-risk merchants who have had trouble with other providers and banks. It works with over 15 banks to help secure your account. The company guarantees an easy application process and fast approvals.

If you have an existing merchant account, you can opt to stick with your current provider and integrate SeamlessChex’s processing solutions.

Credit Card and ACH Processing

With the SeamlessMerchant solution, merchants can accept credit cards and ACH payments. The company will also provide the necessary systems for your e-commerce, retail, or mobile business.

E-commerce Processing

For e-commerce merchants, you can integrate the SeamlessMerchant solution into your shopping cart. The company will provide an easy-to-use API.

Retail Processing

For retail merchants, SeamlessChex will provide a free terminal or POS system, depending on what suits your business. It also comes with a merchant portal to manage transactions and view reports.

Mobile Processing

For on-the-go merchants, the company provides a mobile solution. They allow you to process credit card payments through your smartphone.


SeamlessChex Rates

SeamlessChex guarantees transparent pricing and no hidden charges. Below is a summary of SeamlessChex’s rates and fees as seen on its website.


SeamlessChex charges $1.00 per check for its Paynote service. It is a low-cost alternative to paper checks, which usually cost between $4.00 to $20.00. It is also cheaper than paying via bank wires or ACH payments.


Seamless Chex

For the Seamless Chex service, merchants can avail of a 14-day free trial. If you choose to proceed with the service, you can choose between different payment plans. The company includes a monthly fee based on the number of checks you process.

  • Startup plan: $24.99 per month, inclusive of 10 checks, basic verification, and manual check entry
  • Pro plan: $49.99 per month, inclusive of 25 checks, basic verifications, manual check entry, and ‘Request a Check’ links
  • Premium: $99.99 per month, inclusive of 75 checks, basic verifications, manual check entry, ‘Request a Check’ links, recurring billing, and API access
  • Enterprise plan: Price upon request; Inclusive of 75 checks, basic verifications, manual check entry, ‘Request a Check’ links, API access, and bank balance confirmation

Under the company’s SeamlessMerchant service, the company offers different pricing schemes for existing and new businesses.

For existing businesses, pricing will depend on your processing volume. The company provides a free savings analysis, which compares its rates to your existing provider.

For new businesses, the company offers a ‘Clean Start’ model with the following rates:

  • Credit cards: 2.75 percent + $0.15 per transaction
  • ACH payments: 1 percent
  • Monthly fee: $25.00

For retail businesses, SeamlessChex also provides an option for zero-cost processing. It enables merchants to transfer their processing fees to their customers.


High-Risk Industries SeamlessChex Serves

Below is a list of high-risk industries served by SeamlessChex.

  • Adult Entertainment
  • CBD
  • Charity Donations
  • Credit Repair
  • Document Preparation
  • Financial Services
  • Firearms
  • Logistics / Shopping / Movers
  • Marketplace

  • Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
  • Multi-Level Marketing
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Online Dating
  • Online Gambling
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Travel
  • Web Design and Computer Support

If you belong to another industry, you may contact the company directly to discuss your business needs and eligibility.


Other Notable Features of SeamlessChex’s High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Interchange Optimization

Interchange optimization is a feature included in the company’s SeamlessMerchant solution. It helps merchants minimize their processing fees from credit card brands. It is built into the system, which means you will automatically benefit from the lowest possible rate.

Next Day Funding

With SeamlessChex’s ACH processing solution, merchants can expect next-day funding.


Recurring Billing

With the company’s e-check and credit card processing solutions, merchants can set up recurring billing schemes for their customers. It allows you to automate payment reminders and collections.



SeamlessChex was established in 2012 by Evan Albert. It has a decade of experience in payment technology solutions and continues to provide new solutions. It has been a BBB-accredited company since 2015 and currently holds an A+ rating.

According to its website, SeamlessChex has worked with over 1,600 companies. It also showcases positive testimonials from its merchants. These include reputable companies like Parker Insurance, Omar Mediterranean Cuisine, and, So Friendly, Roxann Realty, Sleeptronic, and more.

SeamlessChex has a highly favorable reputation based on online reviews. It has a 5-star rating from six Facebook reviews. It also has a 4.8-star rating based on 60 Trustpilot reviews. Merchants praise the company for its e-check processing services, knowledgeable staff, and easy-to-use systems. Many also experienced a fast and seamless application and onboarding process.

Other notable highlights include its merchant accounts, reliable customer support, and affordable pricing. Several merchants thanked the company for helping them save on fees.

In terms of negative reviews, there are two complaints on the BBB site. The complainants experienced issues with the company’s e-check services. One claimed that the company processed a check on their behalf, which caused them to lose money. The other merchant complained about account closures.

SeamlessChex responded to both reviews. It attributed the issues to either the bank or the merchant. One issue was resolved, while the other is still pending.

SeamlessChex was also featured in MerchantMaverick, a trusted website for merchant reviews. The site gave it a 4.5-star rating. It praised the company for its services, pricing, clean track record, and positive customer reviews.




SeamlessChex offers innovative solutions for check and credit card processing. Its Paynote and Seamless Chex services provide an easy way to process checks online. Its SeamlessMerchant service, on the other hand, is for companies in need of credit card processing. It is a full suite of merchant services for e-commerce and retail businesses.

As seen through its wide range of services, the company aims to create a seamless payment experience for everyone. It is trusted by over 1,000 merchants, which is further proven by its positive online reviews.

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