Actum Processing Review

December 18, 2021

Actum Processing offers processing for high-risk merchant accounts as well as businesses with a lower level of risk. The company primarily focuses on ACH payments but also offers other solutions.

Actum Processing As mentioned, instead of focusing on high-risk credit card processing, Actum Processing focuses on ACH payments. This has been their speciality for more than 20 years. That vast experience has led to a deeper understanding of customer needs and various solutions.

While Actum Processing has 20 years of experience, it’s worth noting that the company itself has only been in business since 2011.



Address: 7004 Bee Caves Road, Bldg. 3, Suite 312, Austin, TX 78746

Phone: (512) 402-0082


Actum Processing Merchant Services

Opening an account with Actum Processing will give you access to the following services.

High-Risk Payment Processing

While Actum Processing offers high-risk payment processing, it is not their speciality. They also offer to process for companies with lower risk levels.

Their focus on that payment processing is ACH payments. The company notably does not offer credit card processing.


Actum Processing offers its services to the following high-risk industries:

  • Loan origination

  • Loan repayment

  • Land sales

  • Mortgage payments

  • HOA dues

  • Camp fees

  • Tuition

  • Collections

  • Marketplaces, including disbursements and stored value accounts

  • Utilities
  • Local governments

  • Law firms, including settlement disbursements

  • Fitness, including personal training and membership fees

  • Nonprofits

  • Religious organizations

  • Medical

  • Gaming and wagering, including cash-out winnings and account funding

  • Startups

  • Cryptocurrency, including exchanges and bank transfer

  • Payroll

  • Supply chain

  • Media and entertainment subscriptions and memberships

ACH Processing

One of the three main ways that you can process ACH payments with Actum Processing is via the online portal. The portal lets you set up recurring transactions or single-entry ones. You will find unlimited seats as well as permission settings.

ACH-Merchant-AccountIf you prefer, you can also use batch uploads to process ACH payments. You just create an ACH file that you then upload using SFTP. Actum Processing will ensure your payments meet NACHA specifications.

You can also use API integration to embed payment functionality in your software. This extends to the ability to make automatic payments end-to-end. This option helps preserve the feel and appearance of your platform.

Chargeback Mitigation

The solutions also have built-in risk monitoring and security. This helps prevent fraud. Merchants can use an embeddable Authentecheck user experience widget. This system delivers improved account verification. It starts by maximizing conversations by letting customers pay via ACH with their bank credentials. This allows for real-time verification of account ownership. It also features Auto-Verified Micro-Deposits (AVMDs) as well as intelligent debits.

The end-users can also grant you limited access to read-only protected data. This can include transaction history and bank account details. You can use this information to make informed business decisions.

As a default, Authentecheck will automatically pull the account and routing numbers for you, storing them securely for recurring transactions or other needs. You can also opt for specialized integrations that will also give you access to historical balances, account activity, and contact information.

Extra security comes from tokenization. You can access Authentecheck from any device. This service also supports white-label use.

Actum Processing Fees, Rates & Pricing

Actum Processing prides itself on offering flexible pricing and terms for new business models and startups. As is common in the industry, the exact fees you will pay for their services depend on your industry, business, and business history.

Actum Processing Complaints

As we will discuss below, the reviews of Actum Processing are somewhat mixed. This is where you will find the majority of complaints. It is worth noting that there are no complaints against the company filed with the BBB.

Rip Off Reports

A handful of reviews refer to the company as a rip-off, such as one on BBB citing that Actum Processing did not initially tell them about the reserve requirement when signing the contract.

An additional review on Google calls the company a “fraud if not very close to it,” saying that the company keeps adding things to its agreement with the reviewer.

Other Complaints

Other negative reviews simply refer to Actum Processing as a waste of time, saying the company is hard to communicate with.

Actum Processing BBB Ratingpayment process

The company is BBB-accredited with an A+ rating. There are just three reviews on the BBB website with an average rating of 2.33.

Is Actum Processing Legitimate? 

Actum Processing seems to be a legitimate company with vast experience.


The complaints mentioned above are the extent to which scams are mentioned in relation to the company. These are countered by numerous reviews by satisfied customers.

Actum Processing Customer Reviews

When you look for reviews of Actum Processing online, you may also see it referred to as ACH Processing by Actum Processing. The reviews are somewhat mixed.

Birdeye lists five reviews with an average rating of 1.8 and Capterra lists eight reviews with an average of 4.5 stars.

Positive reviews praise the company’s user-friendliness, flexibility, and responsiveness. They also praise customer support and the company’s reliability. There is also praise for their tech and pricing. Poor reviews call the solutions clunky and claim the company stopped paying out. Poor reviews have similar complaints, such as delays and hidden fees or reserves. Others say that the company is either fraudulent or poorly run.

The diversity of the company’s ratings means that you are likely to have a good experience. However, you should still be cautious and look at other options.


Actum Processing specializes in ACH processing for high-risk merchant accounts. As such, the company doesn’t offer high-risk credit card processing. The company has two decades of experience, which it puts to good use. Reviews are very mixed, so it is best to proceed with caution and read the contract carefully before signing.

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