Adept Payments Review

November 1, 2021

Adept Payments offers high-risk merchant accounts as well as accounts for low- and mid-risk merchants. The company guarantees the lowest rates and prides itself on its seamless integration. Let’s dive into the ins and outs of this company.


One of the primary products that Adept Payments offers is its high-risk payment processing. This includes the ability to process a range of payment types. The company has been in business since 2011, offering a range of merchant services but specializing in high-risk credit card processing.

CBD Merchant Accounts

In addition to general accounts, Adept Payments offers CBD merchant accounts. This type of account includes all of the features of the other accounts. It also lets you take advantage of the company’s specialization in CBD, as that means that they remain up to date on regulatory changes regarding CBD.


Travel Merchant Account

This payment processor also offers specific accounts for those in the travel industry. This type of account will likely take advantage of the fact that Adept Payments can accept payments in most of the major currencies around the world.

Merchant Services for Small Businesses

Adept Payments also specializes in offering merchant services for small businesses. This lets these businesses track sales, avoid bad checks or counterfeit currency, offer recurring billing, and more.

Adept Payments Services

Take a closer look at some of the specific services you can get with Adept Payments.

Credit Card Processing

image of credit card processing

One of the most popular services from Adept Payments is their high-risk credit card processing. This lets businesses in a range of industries accept credit cards.

POS and Retail Swipe Machines

Adept Payments also offers merchants the terminals, POS systems, and retail swipe machines that they need to start accepting a range of payments. They have a varied selection so you can get the ability to process as many or as few payment methods as you need. The company takes pride in having chosen the most robust systems in the industry, including NCR Silver and Clover.


Mobile Solutions

A growing number of businesses are choosing to rely on mobile payment processing solutions that work with a smartphone or tablet. Adept Payments offers these for iOS and Android. They let you process payments from anywhere and show sales data, inventory, hours, email marketing, and customer loyalty.

These systems can accept contactless payments via NFC, cards, QR scans, mobile bank transfers, and text messages.

Business-to-business Processing

Because of the complexity involved in business-to-business transactions, solutions can be challenging to find. Adept Payments resolves the issues with two-factor authentication and tokenization to reduce fraud. It also offers Level 2 and 3 processing as well as ACH payments.

image of business to business processing


Adept Payments offers virtual terminal payments for cards not present, telephone orders, and mail order payments, despite their high chargeback rate.

EMV-compliant Systems

For merchants who want extra security, Adept Payments also offers EMV-compliant terminals. These rely on computer chips to create one-time security codes to reduce fraud. The EMV Level 1 and 2 readers from Adept Payments work with magnetic stripe or chip cards as well as with Apple Pay, Android devices, and iOS devices.

Cash Discount Program

The cash discount program lets businesses dramatically reduce transaction fees. It does so by passing the fee onto customers, charging them a service charge of $0.60. Customers paying in cash get a discount and don’t have to pay this fee. The way the program is set up was specifically designed to meet federal law. This is important, as some of the laws regarding this type of discount are strict and hard to understand.


The cash discount program lets you choose from a percentage-based fee or a flat fee. You can incorporate it with both POS and terminal equipment and will be able to process all card types. That includes EMV chips and mobile wallets.

Loyalty and Gift Programs

The Adept Payments software can also integrate branded gifts and loyalty programs. Examples include discount programs, cash back or rebate programs, frequency programs, points programs, tiered rewards, and gift cards.

image of gift and loyalty card programme of secure global pay

Business Cash Advances

In addition to the payment-processing solutions, Adept Payments also offers business solutions like cash advances. The payment processor prides itself on offering flexible repayments and minimal credit requirements.

Fraud Protection Online

Adept Payments’ various payment processing services can also include some online fraud prevention measures. For example, AVS can compare a billing address to the one on record or ask for the security code on the back of a card.

Adept Payments Rates

While Adept Payments does not publish its rates on its website, it does offer a free cost comparison. This lets you easily decide whether the company fits your budget or compare its costs to other high-risk credit card processing companies.

Lowest Rate Guaranteed

Adept Payments also offers a lowest rate guarantee. If you get another offer for less in writing, just send them the details, and they will beat the rate.

Guaranteed Cost Reduction

Adept Payments is so confident in their pricing that they guarantee they will reduce your current rate by 50%, with a few minor caveats.

No Hidden Fees

image of adept payments has no hidden fees

When you do a cost comparison with Adept Payments, the price they quote you is the price you will pay. There are no hidden fees that will increase your costs. This is part of their transparent pricing structure.

No Termination Fees

There are no termination fees if you choose to stop using Adept Payments in the future.

High-risk Industries Adept Payments Serves

Adept Payments works with a range of high-risk industries, including:

    • Pawnshops
    • CBD
    • E-commerce
    • Apparel
    • Food trucks
    • Restaurants
    • Retailers
    • Nutraceutical
    • Vape
    • Travel
    • Veterinary
    • Tobacco

Other Notable Features of Adept Payments

There are also some other features for high-risk merchant accounts from Adept Payments that are worth highlighting.

Quick Approval: Within Two Days, Sometimes Within Hours

image of quick approvals

The process of being approved as an Adept Payments client is quick, happening within just two days. In many cases, you will even be approved within a matter of hours. This lets you start accepting payments more quickly, potentially increasing profits.

Simple Integration

Adept Payments fully integrates with a long list of e-commerce software. This prevents the need to completely overhaul your software or platform, something which can be a significant cost-deterrent for some small businesses.


The secure payment gateways that Adept Payments use are fully PCI compliant.

No Contract

You don’t need to sign a contract when you open a high-risk merchant account. This is part of the reason that there are no termination fees. It also provides extra flexibility.

Personalized Service

Adept Payments prides itself on offering personalized service. This includes the ability to customize which of their services you need.

Customer Service

The customer service you get with a high-risk merchant account includes a response time of 24 hours or less. This way, you don’t have to deal with issues or questions any longer than necessary.

image of customer support

Adept Payments Reputation and Reviews

Adept Payments has a strong reputation for offering high-risk merchant accounts and payment processing services. This includes an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. It is worth noting that while the BBB doesn’t report any customer complaints in the last 12 months, there are two closed complaints from the last three years. That is a good resolution rate. Additionally, the BBB reports a 5/5 rating from eight customer reviews.


Adept Payments offers high-risk credit card processing as well as the ability to process various other types of payments, such as ApplePay. The company offers an impressive price guarantee and has over a decade of experience building its strong reputation.

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