Advantage Processors Review

January 12, 2022

Advantage Processors is a merchant account provider of payment processing services for high-risk, retail, eCommerce, and startup businesses. The company offers low-cost processing fees, credit card networks, virtual terminals, and shopping cart integrations as major benefits for merchants. According to its website, it has worked with more than 50,000 merchants since its launch in 1996. Below is an overview of merchant services offered by Advantage Processors:

  • High-risk merchant accounts
  • Payment gateway
  • Payment processing
  • Fraud protection
  • E-commerce integrations

Advantage Processors Merchant Services

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Advantage Processors works with businesses deemed ‘high risk’ by banks and credit card processors. It provides a high-risk merchant account for safe and reliable payment processing. It also claims to tailor-fit its services to complement any industry, transaction volume, and other unique requirements. It includes payment options and system integrations. Advantage Processors boasts a 99% approval rate for all merchant applications, including high-risk or hard-to-place merchants. Merchants may apply through an easy online form or via phone call.

Payment Gateway

Advantage Processors has its own virtual payment gateway system. It will customize and set up this system for each merchant. It is a full-featured payment gateway system that accepts and processes all types of transactions. The company will work with the business to create a system that is compatible with its existing business model. The setup is free. The company also provides technical support and customer service. It ensures timely troubleshooting and continuous improvement. The payment gateway also includes a virtual terminal with features like recurring billing, transaction management, reports, and more.

Payment Processing

Once the payment gateway is set up, online merchants can start processing payments like credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks, and ACH payments. Advantage Processors also provides solutions for in-store and mobile payments. This includes physical terminals and mobile phone integrations.


Advantage processors review

E-commerce Integration

Advantage Processors’ payment gateway is compatible with major shopping carts and eCommerce platforms. Apart from being easy to use for merchants, its virtual payment system is easy to set up as well. Its team can deal with different merchants and their unique online stores. For back-end programming, the company provides API software to integrate these systems.

Fraud Protection

When it comes to virtual payments, security is a common issue. It prevents merchants from exploring innovative payment options. It also limits customers from ordering through non-traditional methods. The company’s fraud protection program ensures secure payment processing for both merchants and customers.

Advantage Processors Fees, Rates, and Pricing

Processing Fees

Advantage Processors does not provide standard rates per business or industry. However, it claims to have an advantage in offering competitive rates for merchants. Its website mentions rates as low as 1.59%, which is a good deal compared to its competitors. Keep in mind, though, that final rates will depend on several factors. It is best to discuss your pricing options with the company. Businesses can apply for a free quote through the website. The company requests specific information to offer the best rate for your needs.

Additional Fees

There are no setup fees with Advantage Processors. However, it is unclear whether the company charges additional monthly or maintenance fees. One review site claims that the company charges an early termination fee as well as certain monthly fees. Since it is not officially stated on its website, it is best to contact the company directly for a breakdown of fees.

Hidden Charges

There seems to be no mention of complaints about hidden charges for merchants.


Advantage Processors Complaints

Reviews about Advantage Processors are very limited. That said, there seems to be no negative reviews or complaints about the company.

Rip Off Reports

There are no rip off repots against Advantage Processors.

Other Complaints

Similarly, there are no published complaints against the company.

Advantage Processors BBB Rating

Advantage Processors is not accredited by the BBB.

BBB Reviews

Likewise, it does not have any reviews on its BBB profile.

Is Advantage Processors Legitimate?

Advantage processors logo

Advantage Processors seems to be a legitimate company. While there are limited customer reviews to validate its services, its website contains relevant information that points to its legitimacy. For one, it mentions that the company has worked with over 50,000 merchants since its launch in 1996. Additionally, it provides a contact number for merchants to reach its agents. Another website also shows information about the business founder and its San Diego headquarters.


There are no public reports of scams involving Advantage Processors.


Similarly, there is no public information on any lawsuits against Advantage Processors.

Customer Reviews

Regarding the company’s reputation and customer experience, not much is available online. One independent review site gave it a 5-star rating mainly due to its clean record with complaints, scams, and lawsuits. It also mentions its low rates as a plus point. Other than that, Advantage Processors does not have any Google reviews. This may be a problem for merchants who want to know more about customer experience and feedback.


Overall, Advantage Processors seems to offer full-featured payment services for merchants. Its low-cost transaction fees and rates give it a unique advantage as well. The only troublesome aspect is its lack of merchant reviews. It is difficult to confirm whether its positive claims about its services and rates.

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