Allied Pay Review

October 29, 2021

Allied Pay offers high-risk credit card processing for merchants in a range of industries. The company’s name is technically Allied Payments, and you will see them referred to both by that name and by Allied Pay, which is their URL.


Allied Payments specializes in offering high-risk merchant accounts, giving these merchants access to ACH, check, credit, and debit processing. Opening an account also gives customers access to online merchant accounts and Allied Pay’s payment gateway.

Despite their specialization in high-risk merchant accounts, Allied Pay also offers merchant account services and payment processing for general commerce and e-commerce.


Allied Pay Services

From the payment gateway to specific payment processing services, explore more specific details of some of the services Allied Payments offers.

High-risk Payment Gateway

One of the primary services of Allied Payments is its high-risk payment gateway. This gateway gives those with high-risk merchant accounts access to their full selection of payment processing options.

Importantly, the payment gateway can accommodate businesses of any size. It works for startups as well as merchants who need to process thousands of daily transactions.

image of payment gateway

High-risk Virtual Terminal

The high-risk virtual terminal is another primary service of Allied Pay. It delivers similar functionality as the payment gateway but lets you as a merchant process swiped payments and online payments. It also lets you input the information for in-person, phone, or mail order purchases.

Credit Card Processing

As mentioned, one of the primary uses of the payment gateway from Allied Payments is for high-risk credit card processing. This is crucial for merchants in the modern world, as few people carry around much cash if any at all. By accepting credit cards, they can better attract customers and have a better chance of increasing transaction sizes via upselling.


High-risk credit card processing from Allied Pay includes online payments, swiped payments, and MOTO (mail order/telephone order).

ACH Payment Processing

image of ach processing

The ACH processing services from Allied Payments let you use the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network for transactions. ACH transfers can take about three to five business days, but the time depends on the banks involved. There are also new same-day ACH transfers that have sped up the process significantly. ACH transfers tend to have lower fees, and they are paperless, making them easier to process.

Check Processing

High-risk merchant accounts can also take advantage of check processing services. Check processing typically ties into ACH transfers, as they both debit the payments directly from the customer’s account. Check processing from Allied Pay includes ACH or e-checks, Check 21, and Check 22 solutions. Funding times depend on the banks involved but are usually between three and five days. With e-checks, the processing time reduces to within 24 to 72 hours in most cases.

Compared to high-risk credit card processing, e-check and ACH processing tend to be more affordable, safer, and faster. This includes a quicker setup and approval process.

Recurring Billing

Many of the solutions from Allied Pay offer the option to set up recurring billing. This adds convenience for customers and increases your chance of being paid.

Chargeback Protection

image of chargeback protection


Chargeback protection is also a key feature of many of the high-risk merchant accounts from Allied Payments. This includes prevention and mitigation tools, as well as suggestions.


Allied Pay Rates

As is the case for most other high-risk credit card processing companies, Allied Payments does not list its rates on its website. This allows the company to customize its services and rates for each client. However, it is straightforward to contact them and get a quote.

While you can’t view their rates, Allied Pay does claim to offer the lowest credit card processing fees available for e-commerce companies. They also say that most merchants will notice a decrease in their fees for processing credit cards by switching to them.

Allied Pay also mentions that they frequently save merchants thousands of dollars in fees per year and that their rate structure is simple to understand.

High-risk Industries Allied Pay Serves

Allied Payments was created to serve high-risk merchants, offering them low-cost services. This includes merchants in the following industries:

  • E-commerce
  • Law firms
  • Adult
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • E-cigarettes
  • Smoke shops
  • Head shops
  • Firearms
  • Continuity
  • CBD
  • Forex
  • Hookah
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical
  • Tech support
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Herbal
  • Subscription merchants
  • Sarms
  • Peptides
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Restaurants
  • Offshore merchants

While Allied Payments happily serves all of these industries, the company targets a few in particular. For example, they have a dedicated page on their website for CBD e-check processing due to the unique needs of CBD businesses. They also highlight their pharmacy e-check processing and tech support e-check processing.

Other Notable Features of Allied Pay

As you consider whether to use Allied Pay for high-risk credit card processing, keep the following features of the company’s services in mind.

PCI Compliance

Allied Payments makes security a priority, offering Level 1 PCI Compliance, which is the highest standard of compliance.

Customer Support

image of customer support

The customer support team at Allied Pay is there to help clients with a range of questions. The company encourages you to contact their support team to learn more about various services and features as a potential client. This is in addition to the technical and other support they offer existing clients.

Importantly, that customer support is personalized and attentive. The team is also dedicated to resolving any potential issues, always meeting the client’s standards.

Batch Upload

Many of the services, such as e-check processing, include batch uploading. This is the once-daily process of uploading relevant transaction information.

Quick Approval

Depending on the type of payment processing services that you want, you may be able to start accepting payments in just three days or less from the time you fill out the application. E-check processing, for example, has this quick turnaround time. Merchants usually see approval for e-check processing more quickly than they do for credit card processing.

It is also worth noting that when you fill out the contact form to “Get Started Today” on the Allied Payments website, a representative contacts you within 24 hours. This helps ensure a quick process.

Third-party Integration

The solutions from Allied Payments are designed to integrate seamlessly with the most popular third-party systems that merchants are likely to have. This makes the process of starting to use their payment processing easy.

Allied Pay Reputation and Reviews

image of customer reviews

Interestingly, Allied Payments has almost no online reputation or reviews. Part of this is likely due to the similarity of its name to other companies, such as the much larger Allied Payment Network, Allied Payment, and a Canadian company of the same name. The lack of online reputation is less than ideal, but it is still worth contacting the payment processor about rates and services.


Allied Payments, or Allied Pay, specializes in high-risk merchant accounts, providing a range of high-risk merchants with credit card processing, check and e-check processing, and ACH processing. There are additional features, such as recurring billing and third-party integration to make their offerings more appealing. The only caveat is that third-party and customer reviews and ratings of the payment processor are limited. This makes it hard to gauge its reputation. That being said, high-risk merchants may still want to consider the payment processor, at least contacting them about rates and specific services.

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