Amald Review – Features, Pricing and Ratings

January 19, 2022

Amald is known for providing secure payment gateways to low-risk and high-risk merchants. The tool helps businesses accept and process online payments from different channels. The company has worked for decades in the financial technology industry. It claimed to be a leading expert in the fintech industry. The company has a range of products and services—from credit card processing to alternative payment methods. It has worked with the following industries:

  • CBD oil
  • Online gaming
  • Adult toys
  • Casinos
  • IPTV
  • Bitcoin
  • eCigarette
  • Forex
  • Escort services
  • Fantasy sports
  • Mobile app
  • Multi-level marketing
  • Online retail
  • Credit repair
  • Online dating
  • Travel merchant

Aside from empowering these businesses with their payment tools, Amald also boasts of its excellent customer service. It said it has the best approval ratings from merchants that generate huge revenues after signing up with them.

Amald merchant review

Amald Merchant Services

  • Credit Card Processing : Amald’s credit card processing solutions are unique. It does not only accept local currencies, but it can also process multiple currencies to allow merchants to expand their businesses. The company’s processor also has a scam detection tool to protect the merchants. It has partnered with different card agencies to offer the best possible solutions for clients.
  • High-risk Merchants : The company works with high-risk merchants. They have clients in the CBD oil industry, as well as in the cryptocurrency industry. Businesses like these don’t usually get approved by traditional payment processors because of the risks involved. Amald has the tools and systems to ensure that high-risk merchants can get their accounts set up in no time.
  • eCheck Payment Gateway : Customers don’t always want to pay with credit cards because of security concerns. The same can be said for merchants. Credit cards have higher transaction fees. This is why merchants should have an eCheck processor. The payment can be credited to the merchants’ accounts the same way that credit card payments would. Many online retail shops have actually chosen to include eCheck processing in their payment methods.
  • ACH : Automated clearing house or ACH is a simple solution that allows merchants to receive direct payments from the customers’ bank accounts. The funds will reflect immediately on the merchants’ accounts. Amald can also set up offshore merchant accounts so businesses can accept payments from abroad.

Amald Processing Fees, Rates & Pricing

  • Processing Fees : Amald does not publish its fees, rates, and pricing. All it said is that it offers the best rates for payment processing solutions.
  • Additional Fees : There is no information about Amald’s additional fees.
  • Hidden Charges : There is also no information about Amald’s hidden charges.

Amald Complaints

An online search has revealed one complaint about Amald and its alleged actions of spamming a client. The reviewer asked the company to stop spamming the website and to market their business properly. Amald was quick to respond to the complaint, saying that it doesn’t deserve a one-star rating when the reviewer wasn’t even a client.


Rip Off Reports : There are no rip-off reports about Amald.

Other Complaints : Apart from the complaint mentioned above, there are no other complaints against the company.

Amald logoAmald BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives companies ratings from A+ as the highest to F as the lowest. Amald is not listed on the BBB website. It is not accredited nor rated by the bureau. Since the BBB only works with businesses from US, Canada, and Mexico, this is completely understandable.

BBB Reviews

Since Amald is not listed on the BBB website, there are no reviews or complaints about the company on the website.

Is Amald Legitimate?

Amald is a legitimate company operating in India. It has a lot of positive reviews from past and present clients. In fact, there is barely a negative review about the company. It is also quick to respond to negative reviews in online forums and review sites.  According to ScamAdviser, Amald’s website has a perfect trust score of 100. The excellent trust score is due to the fact that the website has a valid SSL certificate, is registered far into the future, and has received positive reviews from users. The only negative point against the website is that it could be a gambling website, though that’s probably because Amald offers services to gambling companies.

Scams : Based on reviews, Amald is not a scam.


Lawsuits : There is no lawsuit filed against Amald.

Amald Reviews

The company doesn’t publish reviews or testimonials on its website. However, several review sites showed Amald with almost a perfect rating. It received a 4.2 out of 5 rating on TrustPilot. Customers are highly recommending Amald because it has an understanding of what merchants need. Many of them were apprehensive at first but they grew to appreciate what the company can do for their businesses.  Customers are raving about getting more revenue for their businesses after signing up with Amald. They said that the company is the right choice for their business. Different merchants—from industries like pharmacy and forex—wrote these reviews.


Whether you are based in India or not, Amald is one of the best payment processing service providers. Merchants should check out the products and services the company offers. They can reach out to the company for inquiries and get their businesses going. Clients are raving about Amald’s services. Many of them were able to expand their operations because of Amald.

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