AstechPay Review – Fees, Rates & Pricing

February 7, 2022

ASTECHPAY or A.S. Technologies and Consulting LTD was founded in 2013. It is based in Cyprus. It is an online payment solutions provider that serves markets worldwide, focusing on helping businesses receive credit cards and other payment methods. It works both in the domestic and international markets.

The company is also a high-risk merchant payment solutions provider. It works with these industries:

  • Bingo
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Dating
  • Foreign exchange
  • Gambling
  • Lottery

ASTECHPAY is a preferred payment service provider for general e-commerce businesses. It can even process different currencies. According to its website, its clients are merchants that market their products to China as it accepts Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, and others. Other payment solutions provided by ASTECHPAY are cash, bank transfers, wallets, and coupons. 

The company prides itself on having competitive rates and risk management. It has also partnered with multiple banks worldwide so that merchants can provide a range of payment options to their customers. 


ASTECHPAY Merchant Services

Credit Card Processing

Credit cards are still the preferred payment method for most merchants. It can accept credit card payments from domestic and international banks. ASTECHPAY helps merchants select the banks that best suit their needs. The company prepares the proper documents so banks will approve the merchant accounts. 

ASTECHPAY also provides the hosting page or server-to-server integration through API. This means the payment will be processed through the merchant’s website using ASTECHPAY’s gateway. 

High-risk Payment Processing

ASTECHPAY can process payments for high-risk industries. Online gambling, bingo, cryptocurrency, and dating are just some of the industries that will benefit from the high-risk payment gateway services of the company. This gives your businesses opportunities to go global and expand to larger markets such as those in China, Brazil, Russia, Japan, and the Middle East.

ASTECHPAY merchant services


Prepaid Cards

The company can issue loadable Mastercard prepaid cards. Unlike credit cards, the clients don’t spend money they don’t have. The funds in the prepaid cards are preloaded, meaning it’s good as cash. They are similar to gift cards although you can use prepaid cards anywhere that Mastercard is accepted. 

eCheck Processing

ASTECHPAY also empowers businesses to accept electronic checks as payments. This service caters to merchants in the United States. Customers can use checks to pay for their orders instead of a credit card. The company allows for the processing of electronic checks, thereby receiving the funds as soon as the bank clears the check from the consumer. A digitized copy of the check will be generated in lieu of a paper check.

ASTECHPAY Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees – There is no information about ASTECHPAY’s fees, rates, and pricing. Its website claims to have competitive rates compared to other payment processing service providers. 

Additional Fees – There are no reports about ASTECHPAY having additional fees. 

Hidden Charges – It seems that ASTECHPAY does not have hidden charges. 


ASTECHPAY Complaints

There are no formal complaints against ASTECHPAY. There is also no information about the company on trusted review sites and common online forums. 

Rip Off Reports – There are no rip-off reports about ASTECHPAY.

Other Complaints – There are no other complaints about ASTECHPAY.


ASTECHPAY is not accredited and rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The bureau rates businesses based on customer reviews. It gives a rating from A+ to F. Many merchants feel the need to check BBB ratings before signing up with a payment processor. However, BBB is not the only accrediting institution for payment processing service providers. 

BBB Reviews

ASTECHPAY is not listed on the BBB website. There are no reviews or complaints about the company on the site.

Astechpay reviews

Is ASTECHPAY Legitimate?

There isn’t much information about ASTECHPAY. It does have a legitimate website based on the rating from ScamAdviser. The website has tons of information about what the company does. It also has contact information. However, aside from the list of services, ASTECHPAY’s website does not give any more details. 

ScamAdviser gives ASTECHPAY’s website a rating of average to good. The website has been registered for a long time. More, it has been existing for quite some years now. It also has a valid SSL certificate, plus it offers payment methods with a “moneyback guarantee.”

However, ScamAdviser also warned against the website because the owner’s identity is hidden on WHOIS. It also mentioned that the website is located in a high-risk country.

Scams – There are no scam reports about ASTECHPAY.

Lawsuits – There are no class-action lawsuits filed against ASTECHPAY. 

ASTECHPAY Customer Reviews

ASTECHPAY does not publish client testimonials on the website. Even after a thorough search on Google, there are no reviews about the company on common review sites. There is also no mention of ASTECHPAY in online forums. The company doesn’t have a presence on social media. It has no Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. It doesn’t even have a LinkedIn account. 


ASTECHPAY seems to be operating virtually. It has an office address and number, but it has a weak presence on the internet. It is difficult to recommend a company that doesn’t seem to have many clients. It might not have proper experience in the payment processing solutions business. And although there are no complaints about it, there are also no positive reviews and mentions of the company. 

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