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November 24, 2021

American Verification Processing Solutions provides best-in-class payment processing solutions for retail and online businesses of all risk levels. AVP Solutions offers basic packages in payment processing via virtual gateways and POS terminals. For high-risk merchants, it has more customized services, including merchant cash advance and chargeback protection.

A notable feature is its assortment of payment processing products. These include virtual gateways, countertop terminals, mobile terminals, and clover devices. The company’s solutions provide a seamless payment experience for both merchants and their customers.

To learn more about AVP Solutions, let’s get into the details of its services and rates.

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High-Risk Merchant Accounts

AVP Solutions has vast experience in working with businesses categorized as high-risk by banks and credit card processors. It provides its high-risk merchants with premium services to help them manage transactions, protect payments, and lessen costs.

The company does not believe that high-risk companies should incur high costs to operate. It offers competitive pricing to allow high-risk merchants to grow further.

Services Offered By AVP Solutions

  • High-risk Merchant Accounts

Below are the top services offered by AVP Solutions to high-risk companies. Apart from these, the company can also customize solutions based on your industry type.

  1. ACH processing allows merchants to accept checks online with relatively lower transaction fees. Payments are then credited to the merchant’s account within 24 hours. It also helps against check fraud by ensuring payment transfer before completing the customer’s order.
  2. The chargeback protection program is an initiative of the company to lessen a merchant’s chargeback ratio. An alert system will notify merchants of transaction disputes in real time. It also provides analytical reports to help merchants analyze cases and improve moving forward. This system easily integrates into the merchant’s payment gateway.
  3. The merchant cash advance program helps high-risk merchants with their financial struggles. The merchant can loan directly from AVP Solutions, which is easier than applying for a bank loan. Instead of paying back in regular intervals, the company will gradually deduct the amount from the usual merchant transaction fees. This gives merchants flexibility and less pressure to pay back by a fixed schedule.
  • Online Payment Processing

The company’s virtual solutions are made for payment processing via online or phone transactions.

For online orders, AVP Solutions provides merchants with a secure payment gateway. It integrates into various e-commerce platforms and shopping carts already used by merchants. The interface is developed to be user-friendly and easy to operate from the backend. Other services in the portal include:

  1. Recurring billing for subscription services and businesses that require periodic charging of customers
  2. ACH processing or the processing of electronic money transfers from the customer’s bank to the merchant’s bank
  • Mobile Payment Processing

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For phone orders, AVP Solutions provides merchants with a mobile terminal to accept payments from customers. After accepting the order via phone, the merchant can deliver the product, along with the portable terminal for easy payment processing.

All its mobile terminals are powered by a website merchant account, not a separate payment service provider. This integration makes it easy for customers to manage all transactions from a unified system.

Its list of mobile terminals include:

  1. MagTek eDynamo – Apart from payment processing, it provides end-to-end security Swiper and EMV. It is also compatible with payment gateways like NMI and software like Windows, IOS, and Android.
  2. Clover Go All-in-One – Its advanced features include payment and security solutions, reporting and business insights, paperless receipts, end-to-end security Swipe, EMV and Contactless, and compatibility with certain iOS and Android versions.
  3. PayAnywhere 3-in-1 Reader – More than just a payment processor, it offers premium features for merchants. For one, it accepts magnetic strips, chip cards, and contactless payments. Secondly, it can be used by unlimited sub-users with an option to see the performance of each employee. Merchants may also add discounts and tips, as well as add products by scanning their barcodes. Once a product is added, you can monitor its stock inventory.
  • Retail Payment Processing

AVP Solutions also offers payment solutions for businesses with physical retail stores. It supplies them with countertop terminals to accept payments while keeping sensitive customer information safe and encrypted. Its carefully selected range of products comes equipped with advanced technological features. These include fast processors, EMV-ready readers, and reliable connectivity to the merchants’ network of desktop and mobile wallets.

  1. Countertop terminals it offers include:
  2. Ingenico IPP 300 series
  3. Verifone VX 520
  4. Verifone VX 680 Wireless
  5. Verifone VX 805 Pinpad

Rates of AVP Solutions

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Like many payment service providers, AVP Solutions’ rates are not available on their website. It prefers to take a customized approach by assessing the merchant’s business and specific needs. After a free consultation, it will provide the best possible rate. Its mission is to offer competitive pricing and give way to more profitability for merchants.

High-Risk Industries Served By AVP Solutions

Below is a list of some high-risk industries serviced by AVP Solutions:

  • Adult industry
  • Antiques and collectibles
  • Astrology and horoscope
  • Collection industry
  • Credit repair
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • E-cigarette and vape
  • E-books
  • Electronics
  • Event tickets
  • Extended warranty
  • Fantasy sports

  • Lawyer referral services
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-level marketing
  • Offshore and international
  • Real estate
  • Tech support
  • Tobacco
  • Tour operator
  • Travel industry
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Weight loss program
  • Wines and brewery

Other Notable Features of AVP Solutions

As seen on its website, AVP Solutions offers a referral program for third-party companies or individuals who work with certain financial institutions to connect high-risk merchants and high-volume merchants with the company. Some of the perks for successful referrals are as follows:

  • Easy application to the program via fax or email
  • Training and sales support
  • 50:50 commission split on all merchant income like discount rates, statement fees, and transaction fees to name a few

Reputation and Reviews of AVP Solutions

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AVP Solutions currently carries an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and has been accredited by the BBB since 2006. In terms of actual customer experience, the company does not provide customer testimonials on its website.

Outside its site, it has a 2.9-star average rating from 8 Google reviews. Although most reviews give positive feedback about the company, the overall score was brought down by a few customer complaints. The issues centered around high application fees and money withheld from merchants. In response, the company provided details on each complaint and assured the public that all issues have been resolved. The same has been noted by an independent review site.


AVP Solutions offers a wide range of payment services for traditional businesses and high-risk merchants. Its payment processing solutions cover retail and online stores. AVP Solutions provides payment portals like virtual gateways and physical terminals. A notable feature is its cash advance services and referral program for high-risk merchants.

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